Problems with Spotify on a smartphone with Android 12? There are many user complaints

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta April 15, 2022
Updated 2022/04/15 at 1:10 AM

Spotify has a very large expression in the Android universe. This is by far the most used music streaming service on the Internet and that’s why many users depend on it to access their music and everything it offers.

It is precisely on the Google platform that a new problem has arisen, with a recent update. The complaints seem to focus on Android 12 and an apparent abnormal behavior that prevents users from using Spotify on these smartphones.

Spotify stops working

Spotify forums have been very active in recent days. At complaints seem to pile up and show that the latest app update of this streaming service has problems and prevents its use on Android smartphones.

From what is described by many users, the new version of Spotify is randomly blocking, stopping playing and without any pattern identified. Even in the middle of a song, the app simply stops working, interrupting the streaming playback.

Issues center on Android 12

Other complaints that also made it to Reddit, show that the playbar disappears or is not visible to Spotify users. Once again, the latest version of the app is pointed out and it is associated with Android 12, as the system where this problem is most visible.

By not having this playbar present, users are unable to control Spotify. At the same time, Android 12 itself does not have any indication of the songs that are playing, not showing the normal bar in Google's system notifications.

Spotify Android 12 Users Update Problems

Blame it on the last update

Some users report that the solution in these cases is temporary, but it involves reopening the Spotify app. Another solution that could be used was to install the previous version of the app on Android 12, but this is not normally available in the Android app repositories.

It is expected that soon Spotify will release an update that solves this problem permanently. At the moment usage is limited and many simply cannot use the biggest music streaming service on the internet.

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