“Prominently separated”: Ice cold war between Carina and Serkan

Deepak Gupta February 23, 2022
Updated 2022/02/23 at 4:06 AM

“The Summer House of the Stars” is not enough. With “Prominent Separated” (February 22, 8:15 p.m. and RTL+), RTL is now going one better. As in the summer house, prominent couples compete against each other in the new reality show. There’s only one catch. This time they are ex-couples. So lacerations within the duos are guaranteed. Even more than we are already used to in the relevant shows.

Eight (ex) couples live in the villa in South Africa and fight for 100,000 euros in prize money. There is real (reality) TV nobility like actress Jenny Elvers (49). She meets Alex Jolig (58). As a contestant for the first season of “Big Brother”, he is a legend of the genre himself. He is also the father of Jenny’s son Paul (20). The couple rarely saw each other. Alex suspects that he will get to know Jenny better on the show than he has in 22 years.

Reunion for Jenny Elvers and Alex Jolig

Doreen Dietl (47) brings her childhood friend with her. She has been separated from Patrick Eid (49) since 1993 (!), and they have not seen each other for 15 years. The music producer is on television for the first time. But that doesn’t stop the “Engraver from Ceiling Village” (Doreen) from telling raunchy anecdotes from the past.

Most couples are known from relevant shows. Meike Emonts (30) and Marcus Muth (36) from “Temptation Island”, Lena Schiwiora (25) and Robin Riebling (26) as well. Cecilia Asoro (25) met her ex-lover Markus Kok (42) indirectly through “Bachelor”. Your co-candidate at the time mediated the couple. Singer and former “DSDS” candidate Sarah Joelle Jahnel (32) met her ex, tennis player Dominik Wirlend (30), at least in real life. In Mallorca.

There is war between Carina and Serkan

Serkan Yavuz (28) and Carina Spack (25) show the greatest potential for conflict in the first episode. The two met on Bachelor in Paradise in 2019. Their relationship lasted a year, followed by a veritable war of roses on social media. As the only couple, the two don’t even greet each other. Serkan even hangs her couple photo on the wall.

sleep in a bed? Locked out! Carina offers to lie on the floor in another room. But tactically, she passes the ball to Serkan from behind: “He’s antisocial if he lets a woman sleep on the floor.” Serkan actually trolls onto the sofa.

The alternative to Carina and Serkan are Michelle Daniaux (23) and Luigi “Gigi” Birofio (22). The former ‘Ex on the Beach’ couple dress like ‘magnets’ (Gigi). And like magnets, it repels again and again. She compares Lena to “Tom and Jerry”. And it really goes back and forth. “I hate you,” Gigi says to Michelle. And a second later: “Shall we make out?”

“The penis stinks from the head”

After the first night, in which Meike and Marcus are already cuddling together, comes the first game. Couples have to complete proverbs on an elevated swing. That’s not for everyone. With Gigi, it’s not the proverbial fish that stinks from the head, but the penis. The cuddly couple Marcus and Meike are the best. You are safe from the first nomination.

22,000 euros are already gone

Then the first so-called group game is on the program. In it, six celebrities have to fight to ensure that not too much money is deducted from the total prize of 100,000 euros. Jenny, Sarah Joelle, Cecilia, Gigi, Robin and Marcus get it first. They have to place seven balls in holes by shifting their body weight on a floating platform. For each empty hole at the end, money disappears from the account.

But first, two candidates have to get the balls with a water wheel. Cecilia and Gigi sign up for the arduous task. They do a good job, but overall the sextet disappoints. 22,000 euros migrate from the jackpot.

The celebrities guess: The group games contain the greatest potential for conflict in the surprisingly harmonious villa. Stronger than the war between Carina and Serkan.


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