PTisp now has a direct connection to GigaPIX at 100 Gbps

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta July 7, 2022
Updated 2022/07/07 at 9:12 PM

PTisp has been part of this part for a few years, the list of members adherent to GigaPIX, which is operated by FCT/FCCN. Its connection to the network was recently reinforced and a bandwidth of 100 Gbps was guaranteed.

With this upgrade, in addition to ensuring greater service capacity, the network is also more resilient and communications will have less latency.

O GigaPIX is the Traffic Exchange Point (Internet Exchange Point) promoted and operated by FCCN – an Internet Exchange Point is a neutral point of traffic exchange between different organizations, with the mission of allowing several IP networks to interconnect with each other in a more efficient way. efficient.

GigaPIX improves the quality of the interconnection of IP networks in Portugal and avoids the use of international resources for the transit of IP packets with origin and destination in Portugal.

Without an infrastructure like GigaPIX, traffic originating and ending in close geographic locations would, in many cases, have to cross borders, making communication less efficient (and more expensive).

GigaPIX provides benefits such as:

  • contribute to an improvement in the quality of the interconnection of IP networks in Portugal;
  • reduction of transit costs through the peering;
  • low latency as it reduces the number hops to reach customers of other GigaPIX members;
  • greater resilience;
  • makes local communications faster;
  • greater control of national traffic.

Concerning Public network, PTisp has a robust network made up of several ports at 100Gbps in several TIER 1 operators, direct connection to GigaPix and several peering agreements.

  • IP transit with multiple TIER 1 operators;
  • Dozens of peering agreements;
  • Direct connection to GigaPix, ESpanix and DE-CIX;
  • All services with ports up to 10Gbps for the internet;
  • 24x7x365 monitoring from our NOCs in real time;
  • Availability of graphs of averages and latencies;
  • Fully dual-stacked network, providing both IPv4 and IPv6;
  • Equipment from Cisco and Dell manufacturers;

with respect to Private Network, at 10Gbps, it interconnects the Datacenters (Lisbon 1, Lisbon 2, Madrid) allowing for internal and secure communications in the infrastructure.

  • 10Gbps interconnection between the Lisbon 1, Lisbon 2 and Madrid Datacenters;
  • Private Network at 10Gbps per customer;
  • Remote and secure management of various equipment and services;
  • All services with 10Gbps ports for the internet;
  • Secure access via SSL-VPN.

PTisp considers the continuous improvement of the quality of its service to be fundamental, considering the improvement of its infrastructure, as well as the introduction of improvements in its offer and new solutions as fundamental elements to continue its path guided by solidity, quality and innovation.

With this new infrastructure and network capability, PTISP says it is even more prepared to respond to demanding projects of all sizes.

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