Public Ministry may ask Apple and Google to remove Telegram from stores in Brazil

Deepak Gupta February 22, 2022
Updated 2022/02/22 at 11:30 PM

The potato is baking for the telegram in Brazil. Ignoring the contacts of Brazilian authorities for months, the messenger’s situation seems irreversible. Now, the Federal Public Ministry has sent a letter to Google and Apple questioning whether the companies’ app stores, Google Play and the App Store, prohibit the availability of applications that “notably do not comply with orders from regulatory bodies.” and/or the Judiciary”.

In a letter, written by the Attorney General of the Republic Yuri Corrêa da Luz, there is a questioning whether the app stores are colluding in accepting apps that violate the laws. For the prosecutor, stores must adopt measures to block or suspend Telegram. He also says that following Brazilian legislation, platforms cannot exempt themselves from liability for possible damages caused by the applications they sell.

In addition, there is the question whether stores have rules that “prohibit the availability and commercialization of applications that do not comply with Brazilian legislation, or that cause potential damage to collective interests (such as public health, the environment, trust in democratic institutions, a healthy information environment, etc.)“. The letter was obtained by the newspaper sheet.

Now, Google and Apple have up to 15 days to provide clarification. But the measure still would not prevent the use of Telegram in the country.

Finally, Luz also stated that the country’s regulatory bodies have already fined app stores for selling apps considered harmful to consumers over the past few years, which would cast doubt on the legality of app stores’ disclaimer claims.

German strategy

The Brazilian approach is similar to what Germany has done to combat the numerous channels of neo-Nazi extremists and Holocaust and vaccine deniers. In 2021, German authorities urged Apple and Google to stop offering the Telegram app for download from their online stores. The withdrawal of Telegram from stores does not affect applications already installed on mobile phones, but it stops growth and serves as a warning.

And, also in Germany, those responsible for Telegram ignored dialogue with local authorities. However, after undergoing restriction measures, but changed their stance. The messenger blocked more than 60 channels used by radicals in response to a request from German police.

Recently, Telegram did not participate in the agreement between the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) and platforms such as Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, WhatsApp, Google, Instagram, YouTube and Kwai. The objective is to combat the spread of disinformation in this year’s electoral process.


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