Pulsar: The new Prozis scale that has a heart monitor

Deepak Gupta April 13, 2022
Updated 2022/04/13 at 5:27 PM

We live in the age of gadgets and many of them are extremely important as they help us to take care of ourselves. In addition to smart watches, smartbands and other “wearable” equipment, a smart scale can provide us with important information for our well-being.

Today Pplware introduces Pulsar, the new Prozis scale that comes with a sensor to record the heart rate.

As we have been presenting, Prozis already has a wide range of very interesting technological products at good prices. One of the most sought after products in this technology segment are smart digital scales. The company recently launched Pulsar, a scale that provides many indicators of our physical condition, including heart rate.

All records are also saved in the Prozis app, where we can follow all developments.

Pulse Scale: Monitor your shape accurately

With this Prozis scale you can know:

  • Body weight (total body mass)
  • Body mass index (A standardized relationship between weight and height, used as a general indicator of health)
  • body water(The total amount of fluid in your body, indicated as a percentage of your total weight)
  • metabolic age (calculated by comparing an individual's basal metabolic rate with the average rate of other individuals of the same chronological age)
  • basal metabolic rate (Amount of calories the body needs per day when it is at rest)
  • body fat percentage (total fat mass, divided by total body mass, times 100)
  • subcutaneous fat (Fat stored directly under the skin. Women tend to have a higher percentage than men)
  • visceral fat (The fat that surrounds the vital organs in the abdominal area)
  • Skeletal muscle(Muscle that is attached to bones, belonging to the mechanical system that helps move limbs and other parts of the body)
  • Muscle mass (Total weight of the muscles in your body)
  • bone mass (Total weight of the bones in your body)
  • Protein (protein is a building block of body tissues and can also serve as a source of energy)
  • body fat mass (The total weight of fat on your body)
  • Classification of body morphology (Evaluates body fat and muscle mass levels and classifies the result according to one of nine body types)
  • heart rate

Pplware, in partnership with benefitsgives you the possibility to purchase the Pulsar smart scale with a discount of 10% using the PPLWARE voucher (which you should put in step 4 of the checkout of your order). Take advantage of the offers.

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