Qualcomm announces investment in iSIM technology – See benefits

Deepak Gupta January 25, 2022
Updated 2022/01/25 at 4:16 PM

THE Qualcomm developed the first functional smartphone with its newest integrated SIM state-of-the-art (iSIM), which was developed in conjunction with Vodafone and Thales. This new technology of the company allows a SIM integration with the device chipset and brings benefits to the assembly of smartphones.

With this feature it will be possible to fully integrate the SIM card into the device’s processor, working as an advance of eSIM, which needs a chip installed in the smartphone. The company guarantees that this will bring several “wholesale benefits to consumers and telecom operators.”

According to QualcommThe iSIM meets GSMA specifications and brings greater integration to the system, bringing greater performance and greater memory capacity. A very interesting advance in this novelty is the fact that it can open doors to allow mobile networks “to be integrated with devices beyond the cell phone”.

Credits: Qualcomm Disclosure

Benefits of iSIM according to Qualcomm:

  • Simplifies and enhances device design and performance, freeing up previously occupied device space
  • Consolidates SIM functionality into the device’s main chipset along with other critical resources such as GPU, CPU and modem
  • Enables remote operator SIM provisioning, leveraging existing eSIM infrastructure
  • Opens mobile service connection capabilities for a host of devices that previously could not have built-in SIM capabilities

The companies conducted a proof of concept (POC) demonstration in Europe to show that the technology is in commercial readiness is that can work on existing infrastructure efficiently. During the test, a device based on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G with a chipset Snapdragon 888 5G with technology Thales iSIM integrated.

The test was carried out in the research and development laboratories of Samsungusing a remote management platform from Vodafone. Companies have shown that the technology is working and that current eSIM networks support it, so it is possible that in the very near future smartphones will start to be launched with this novelty.


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Via: XDA-Developers Source: Qualcomm

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