Qualcomm announces partnership with Ferrari for vehicle and F1 systems solutions

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta February 9, 2022
Updated 2022/02/09 at 5:41 AM

THE Qualcomm Technologies and the Ferrari NV, holding owner of the vehicle manufacturer and the formula 1, announced this Tuesday, the 8th, a strategic technological collaboration to create technology focused on accelerating the digital transformation of the car brand. THE Qualcommwhich produces several chips like those of the Snapdragon familywill provide system solutions for Ferrari’s street cars, as well as being a sponsor of Ferrari Scuderia at formula 1 It’s from brand esports team.

Rampant horse joins dragon

THE Ferrari will use the systems Snapdragon Digital Chassistechnology of Qualcomm for vehicles, in its street cars, taking one of the main automotive systems embedded in its models. THE Snapdragon Digital Chassis has several open and scalable platforms connected to the cloud, something necessary for the next generation of automobiles, which will be increasingly telematic and connected. The system of Qualcomm also has other technologies such as digital dashboard, telematics and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) function, using a unified architecture to increase driving safety — great for those who drive a sports case, which is not my case — and lead to the driver an immersive digital experience that will be constantly updated over the life of the vehicle. In this partnership, the Qualcomm will also help Ferrari to develop the digital panel of the vehicle.

Qualcomm in Formula 1

THE Qualcomm will also be one of the main sponsors of the Ferrari Scuderia in this season of formula 1with the brand Snapdragon stamped on the car F1-75model name of the Scuderia for the 2022 championship. Sponsorship will extend to the esports team. To see how the bolide will look like Ferrari like Snapdragon on the chassis it will be necessary to wait until February 17, when the team will present the car of the 2022 season of the formula 1.


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