Qualcomm confirmed everything! Samsung Galaxy S23 will even arrive only with Snapdragon SoC

Deepak Gupta July 29, 2022
Updated 2022/07/29 at 7:31 AM

Although we are still far from knowing much about Samsung’s future Galaxy S23, these smartphones are already starting to be an important topic. There are many specifications that are being advanced and that show what they will bring.

Something that has raised some questions is which SoC will be used and whether Samsung’s proposals will be present. Qualcomm’s CEO will have revealed everything now, in a simple presentation of the company’s results.




Qualcomm revealed the future of its partnership

Although not understood by everyone, Samsung has a clear policy for using SoC in its smartphones. In addition to Qualcomm's proposals, it also uses its Exynos, in a proportion that in the last Galaxy was situated at an expressive 75/25, with a bias towards the American company.

That scenario seemed to be in question, with rumors pointing to Qualcomm taking over the entire lineup in the future Galaxy S23. This has now been confirmed by Cristiano Amon, the president and CEO of the creator of the SoC Snapdragon.

The way you should think about it is that the Snapdragon SoC is going to be in the Galaxy product line, in the most powerful Galaxy products. And what I can say now is that we were 75% on the Galaxy S22 before the deal. You must think we're going to be much better than that on the Galaxy S23 and beyond

Galaxy S23 will even have only one Snapdragon SoC

This revelation came in an interview from Qualcomm's earnings call and was the answer to a question from a journalist. He wanted to know if the patent agreement between Samsung and Qualcomm would be extended and if that would bring about changes in the future of the companies and their products.

Something that was also clear was that this partnership would not be limited to smartphones. Qualcomm will also become the exclusive supplier of tablets, laptops, foldables and other devices from Samsung and that use the SoC in which the company is integrated.

Qualcomm Samsung Galaxy S23 Snapdragon Exynos

Smasung will not discontinue Exynos

It was also clear, however, that Samsung is not going to discontinue its Exynos SoC. The company revealed that it is in a restructuring process and that it intends to reorganize the brand's SoC business model and are looking for a plan to strengthen competitiveness in the medium and long term.

It is thus clear what the future of Samsung's top smartphones will be, especially the Galaxy line, starting with the Galaxy S23. The presence of a Snapdragon SoC seems guaranteed, which will eventually be extended to the rest of Samsung's equipment, which thus has a unified offer in this area.

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