Question: What is the best equipment to play with?

Deepak Gupta June 6, 2022
Updated 2022/06/06 at 2:42 PM

Gone are the days when stationary computers and the first consoles were the only platforms to play video games. Currently, people have several other devices available for their adventures, such as a range of laptops, smartphones, tablets and a huge variety of options in terms of consoles.

So, in our question this week we want you to tell us what is the best equipment to play with. Participate!

What is the best equipment to play with?

When we talk about electronic games, we almost always associate people playing on their computers or consoles, with the typical gaming headphones with microphone and the characteristic strong and neon colors, such as RGB. And we can't forget the more eccentric products like this gaming bed that will have you playing as soon as you wake up.

But in addition to computers, smartphones and tablets are increasingly being used for these purposes. And, to prove this, it is enough to see a child or young person, since it is the age groups that end up using these devices more to play. In this regard, a recent study released late last month revealed that gamers spend much more on smartphones than on consoles and PCs.

In November 2019 we asked our readers about this same topic, and the majority, with 53% of the votes, said that the best device to play was the Desktop, followed by the Console (35%) and the Laptop (7%). Finally, 2% of readers voted for the Smartphone option and only 1% chose the Tablet.

So, in our question this week, we want you to tell us which is the best equipment for playing video games for you. You can vote in the poll we left below.

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