Razer innovates and launches Razer Chroma RGB for smart homes

Deepak Gupta January 5, 2022
Updated 2022/01/05 at 9:40 PM

THE Razer just announced on CES 2022 which is taking your lighting technology Razer Chroma RGB for smart homes. Through the new app Razer Smart Home, users will soon have the option to natively control and customize all your PC-connected devices and mobile ecosystems. But it won’t increase the FPS, unfortunately.

Razer wants to unify control of smart homes

THE Razer Smart Home aims to solve the problem of users who need to switch between programs to manage all their smart devices. In short, the Razer is releasing a management app for smart home. In the words of the company (and protecting me from “their anti-razer”), “this is a simple yet powerful tool that puts complete control in the user’s hands, streamlining the process of configuring and customizing commands and rules from a single ecosystem with a simple and convenient interface.”

Powered by Razer Chroma RGB, the application Razer Smart Home comes with 16.8 million colors and various effects that allow users to customize their lighting and create an environment that reacts to their entirety. home entertainment (such as smart light bulbs and the toaster from the Razer). I already see my mouse being taken to house parties to help with decoration.

Razer invites manufacturers to participate in the project

THE Razer also presented in CES 2022 The Razer Chroma Smart Home Program, an open invitation to partners of hardware of the industry of smart home to integrate your products to the Razer ecosystem.

Currently, the technology Razer Chroma RGB is enabled for thousands of devices on over 50 hardware partners and over 200 natively integrated games, making it the world’s largest lighting ecosystem for gaming devices.

Through the current Razer Chroma RGB Connected Devices Program, PC hardware partners can now access Razer’s lighting protocol and integrate their product offerings into the gaming ecosystem. Now the technology Razer Chroma RGB expands beyond PC games and the Razer opens up the ecosystem to welcome new partners from the smart home industry to create a unified, customizable and easy-to-control home environment.

Smart toaster arrives when?

The program Razer Chroma Smart will be accessible via mobile and will give partners the chance to offer their users a unified experience and a fully integrated lighting control system. Companies such as Nanoleaf, LIFX, Yeelight, Monster and Twinkly, in addition to others that will come to the project later on.

The expansion of the ecosystem Razer Chroma RGB through the app Razer Smart Home and the program Razer Chroma RGB Smart Home is scheduled for release yet for the first half of 2022 (maybe along with the toaster).


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