Ready for Xiaomi’s MIUI 14? This new version has already started to be seen

Deepak Gupta July 22, 2022
Updated 2022/07/22 at 7:59 AM

Xiaomi has been betting heavily on updates to its interface and the news seems to keep coming. With an update coming to smartphones, there is now new evidence that something new is on the way.

We are talking about MIUI 14, which Xiaomi is certainly developing to present it on its smartphones. This one appeared for the first time and despite not showing much, it ended up proving that it exists and is being developed by the brand.




MIUI is a brand that quickly identifies any Xiaomi smartphone. This Android customization has many improvements that the brand has been creating over the years and that Google has not yet decided to embrace for its mobile operating system.

This seems to be already developing the next version, which is thought to be based on the next proposal from the Android universe, version 13. Thus, MIUI 14 should appear, which will again be accessible to many Xiaomi smartphones.

What has now emerged has confirmed the very likely new version even more and also shows that it should be ready to be used soon - As always, there are no dates and the possible information is very limited.

In this piece, MIUI 14 appears in the form of a reference that exists in a Xiaomi app. In a simple function that is in the code, the MIUI version is validated and the maximum value of this is now 14. This is how the confirmation exists and the proof that there will be news soon.

Xiaomi MIUI 14 smartphones version

There is still no date for these news to materialize, and there is still a need for Xiaomi to confirm its existence and to reveal that it is preparing it. This should be revealed with the presentation of new equipment, yet to be known.

It is still too early to talk about certainties regarding MIUI 14. It will exist, but Xiaomi is still in the process of installing the current version in hand. Only then should you look into this new version.

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