realityOS: Apple accidentally reveals the system name of the future virtual reality device

Deepak Gupta February 10, 2022
Updated 2022/02/10 at 7:32 PM

“Oops! Sorry, Tim Cook! We hesitated”, must have said the person in charge of the GitHub gives apple when explaining how they activated the button to make the code repository publicly visible. Fortunately the only important thing leaked was the name of the operating system of the Apple’s future virtual reality glasses: realityOS. Too creative, huh?

Repository shows possible VR headset feature

more than the name of operational systemthe self-leakage of apple revealed a possible functionality of the VR headset from the manufacturer: an improved eye tracking system. In addition, the code found in the repository of apple inside GitHuba software collaboration platform, indicated that the realityOS will be integrated into Apple Xcodea software for developers test your apps on operational systems gives cupertino giantlike macOS, iOS, iPadOS, WatchOS and tvOS.

Apple VR Headset: No Metaverse!

While companies are moving towards virtual reality by focusing on the metaverse itself, Apple is doing the opposite. Journalist Mark Gurman, with sources close to the industry, says that the manufacturer intends that its Apple Glasses are used for games and entertainment. In addition to also producing a version for professionals, whose price, according to rumors, will be US$ 2,000.

Another difficulty is in finalizing the product design: the company wants the VR headset to have the perfect combination between the identity of its products and the obstacles of what is possible today in technology. The virtual reality glasses would be manufactured in a light and resistant magnesium alloy, weighing around 100, 110g, being lighter than competing products.

The Cupertino manufacturer’s plans were to introduce the headset VR/VR this June at the WWDC. However, the Bloomberg published that the Apple Glasses is experiencing overheating issues, software and cameras. Although it does not go into details about the software and cameras, the publication says that the use of a powerful processor, at the level of the M1 Pro, is the cause of the temperature increase in Apple’s VR headset. The product is expected to have two processors: one similar to the M1 Pro for general operation and another exclusive to Apple Glasses sensors.


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