Record: Loadings at Mobi.E stations grow 87% in July

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta August 16, 2022
Updated 2022/08/16 at 3:19 PM

According to information from Mobi.E, this public network of charging stations for electric vehicles reached more than 220 thousand charges in July, the highest monthly amount ever achieved.

Data has revealed that there are more and more electric vehicles on Portuguese roads. In addition, the entire charging ecosystem has also been growing in our country.

Mobi.e: 28,224 users made use of the network

According to a statement from Mobi.E, a new record for network usage was recorded in July, with 222,945 uploads having been reached. The company states that this volume of loads represented a consumption of more than three million kilowatt-hours (kWh).

For Luís Barroso, president of Mobi.E, these results "reflect the trend of consolidation of electric mobility in Portugal and the ability of the Mobi.E network to adapt to the growing demand that has been registered consecutively since April 2021". The official also praises the investment of the State and the private sector, which has allowed "more and more people to believe in and adhere to this more sustainable form of mobility".

Record: Loadings at Mobi.E stations grow 87% in July

Also according to the company, 28,224 users made use of the network, 42% more compared to last year, when there were 19,910.

The Mobi.E Network, or Electric Mobility Network, is a network of universally accessible, interoperable and user-centric charging stations for electric vehicles. Currently, the network has more than 2,700 charging stations across the country, with more than 800 for fast or ultra-fast charging, that is, their power is greater than 22 kW.

MOBI.E made available this year, in its domain, the Mobi.Data portal. It is an interactive data portal on the MOBI.E network and its impacts on the environment with a dynamic nature, with information in real time and constantly updated. The online posting of statistics and real numbers of the public charging network allows for a glimpse of the state of the network and its evolution over time.

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