Recover deleted messages on WhatsApp? It will be very simple to take this step

Deepak Gupta August 17, 2022
Updated 2022/08/17 at 1:32 AM

There have been many news that have come to WhatsApp over the last few months. This constant development ensures that there are important improvements both in the service and in the apps that support it.

These are not always immediately visible, going through periods of evaluation and testing. This is where another novelty was inserted, now dedicated to messages and their management. Soon it will be very simple to recover deleted messages on WhatsApp.




Managing messages on WhatsApp is currently a simple process. Users can delete any text they have sent at any time, choosing whether they want to delete just for themselves or for all participants in a conversation.

Present in both mobile apps and those dedicated to the desktop and browser, it had an important gap that was being asked for. Users wanted to be able to reverse this process and recover deleted messages.

This ability is already present on WhatsApp, albeit in a limited way and only accessible to those who use the trial and evaluation version. Soon, as with all other features, it will be available to all users and on all platforms.

WhatsApp recover deleted messages conversation

To be used, this feature cannot be called by users. It will only appear when users delete a message that was sent to another contact or another conversation where the user is present.

After confirming that the message has been deleted, a new shortcut will appear. This will allow you to recover deleted messages on WhatsApp and give the user just a few seconds to be able to use them. If selected, the original message is reset.

This is yet another great addition that WhatsApp gets now for users to be able to use. It greatly facilitates the management of messages, allowing the recovery of messages deleted by the user, in a simple, fast and hassle-free way.

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