Reddit expands live audio capabilities to desktop

Deepak Gupta February 9, 2022
Updated 2022/02/09 at 9:16 PM

Nearly a year after the introduction of Reddit Talk, the company is your live audio chats to your desktop and adding several new features to make conversations easier to find and join.

When it launched, audio chats were only available on mobile devices and Reddit users had to listen live if they wanted to capture the conversation. However, that is now changing as Reddit Talk is now available on desktop browsers and chats are now recorded so users can stream the conversation after it is over. Reddit is also adding commenting features, so attendees can get in touch without having to use the “raise your hand” feature and wait for the moderator to open the mic.

Finally, Reddit is trying to make audio chats easier to find by adding a “live bar” at the top of the app that highlights conversations happening in real-time, similar to the way Twitter pushes chats. live to the top of its users. Timelines.

Reddit Talks now has built-in comments.


With the expansion, Reddit is pushing live audio to be a more central part of its platform. It’s still unclear how widely used Reddit Talk is, but in a blog post the company says it has seen “250% growth in daily active listeners”. The company also notes that more than 1,000 subreddits have enabled the feature so far, including r/cryptocurrency, r/wallstreetbets, and r/space.

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