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Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta February 5, 2022
Updated 2022/02/05 at 3:14 AM

OK! One feels that there is a shower of news that the Instagram is working. THE leaker responsible for the leak Alessandro Paluzziknown for exploring the application codes seeking out hidden features. Last Thursday, the 3rd, he published five features found on your hunt. check out

Share Reels on Facebook

This functionality should already be in the Instagram. paluzzi showed that the social network is working a share function Reels on Facebook. As the focus of Instagram now it’s the videos and fighting (almost to the point) with the TikToktake the reels for your other network, increasing the reach of content, this is the one that has the greatest chance of becoming a reality. And it should arrive as soon as possible because the Goal got a shock yesterday.

Stories and Reels editor interface

Another tool that Instagram can add is the use of guidelines in the dos editor Stories and Reels. When dragging a picture/sticker in the lower or upper area of ​​these functions, a guide line will be shown to make it easier to see how much of the username and message field will be occupied. A “drag to delete” will also be added when taking a sticker to the trash can.

Answering machine on Instagram and calls to business accounts

This one is very curious: when you receive a call, whether via video call or voice call, and you can’t answer, you can leave a message giving the reason for rejecting the call.

The other possible novelty is that commercial accounts in Instagram will be able to answer calls from people without a telephone number, facilitating contact with customers. I’d say it’s even more useful than leaving a message when you decline a call.

Lives in Stories and off Instagram

This one is another one that makes sense given the focus of the Instagram for videos in 2022 and increased attention with content creators. The ads of lives can be shared on stories or other social networks. If that comes, TikTok will have to respond at the same level. Zuckerberg is already aware that it needs competitors like twitter so that the content creators of Instagram increase the dissemination of their work. Therefore, bringing more audience to the lives on instagram.


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Via: Phone Arena Source: Alessandro Paluzzi

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