Research reveals that more than 60% of Brazilians would like to have an electric car

Deepak Gupta February 24, 2022
Updated 2022/02/24 at 3:10 AM

According to a survey commissioned by Banco Itaú Unibanco, around 62% of Brazilians say they would like to own an electric car. The bank revealed the information last Friday (18) in a survey carried out with more than 100 thousand bank customers, in January 2022.

The electric car market in Brazil has been growing significantly, with sales increasing by 74% in 2021. According to data from the Brazilian Electric Vehicle Association (ABVE), 2,500 electric cars were licensed in January. in Brazil, a increase of 93% compared to the same period last year.

Estimates indicate that the fleet of electric cars in Brazil is already of almost 80 thousand vehicles. Even with high prices, exceeding R$ 100 thousand, factors such as the constant increase in gasoline prices are one of the factors that are encouraging Brazilians to invest in electric models.

Companies seek to create a network of electric stations

The research by Itaú Unibanco reveals something that is already expected: the desire of Brazilians to own, one day, an electric vehicle. Even though the market remains inaccessible to most of the population, some companies such as Volkswagen and Shell are already thinking about investing in the sector, creating a network of electric stations in Brazil.

Despite not yet having a date scheduled for the start of construction of the network of charging stations. Initially, Volkswagen and Shell will set up service stations in the State of São Paulo, in the capital and in the main access roads. Other cities and metropolitan areas of the country should receive the electric stations after the implementation in São Paulo.

In addition, the government of Paraná and Unioeste University supported the Kers Wee electric car project, which promises to be one of the most affordable on the market, despite its design not having been very pleasing to users. Within the next few years, we will certainly follow the growth of the sector, in addition to new models being distributed in Brazil. It remains to hope for the popularization of the sector, favoring the arrival of models with more affordable prices for Brazilians.


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Source: CNN Brazil, InsideEVS

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