Review: The rugged Doogee S98 Pro smartphone with a powerful thermal camera

Deepak Gupta June 10, 2022
Updated 2022/06/10 at 2:35 AM

The offer of robust smartphones has been growing and the proposals are able to respond not only to the demands of resistance and autonomy, but also of performance, photographic quality and even in terms of viewing content itself, with increasingly better screens. Doogee is one of the manufacturers that stands out in this segment and today we bring the analysis to the Doogee S98 Pro.

Come and see the details of this model that has just hit the market.

General Specifications of the Doogee S98 Pro

The Doogee S98 Pro stands out from the start in two aspects: in its robustness and in the inclusion and a thermal camera. The smartphone framed in the rugged phones segment just hit the market with a MediaTek Helio G96 processor, with 8 GB of RAM and 265 GB of internal storage.

The battery has a capacity of 6000 mAh and 33W wired charging. In addition, it also has wireless charging up to 15W.

Its screen has 6.3" and FullHD+ resolution with a 16 MP camera. The camera module positioned at the rear has a 48 MP main camera and a 20 MP night vision camera. There is also an InfiRay thermal sensor for capturing thermal imaging.This sensor and the night vision mode will give users very interesting possibilities of use.

Review: rugged phone Doogee S98 Pro

As an all-terrain smartphone, it has IP68, IP69K and MIL-STD-810H certificates. In addition, it offers NFC and fingerprint sensor on the side. The smartphone is not a light piece, weighing in at 320g and measuring 172 x 82 x 15.5 mm.

Construction and Design

The Doogee S98 Pro, as indicated, is a robust machine and hence its dimensions. The structure combines rubber, plastic and metal.

The sides have a metallic accent in the area of ​​the buttons, which follows the back a little, but everything else is covered with a rubberized material that will withstand drops. In the area of ​​the rear camera, the module is made of rigid plastic, with a protruding frame around it to protect the entire module.

The screen has visible margins, which, by the way, is normal in the segment, unlike common smartphones that tend to have increasingly reduced margins.

On the left side there is the card slot, with space for two nano SIM cards and a microSD, without having to give up any of the cards. There is also a button that can be configured to access quick actions. On the other right side there is the volume button, power and the fingerprint sensor. At the bottom there is a speaker and the USB Type-C port, properly protected.

The manufacturer says that it was inspired by spaceships and aliens to create the design of this smartphone.

The Doogee S98 Pro screen

This is one of the great positive aspects of the new Doogee S98 Pro. Its 6.3" screen with FullHD+ resolution has excellent quality.

The definition and fluidity itself are combined with bright and vivid colors. In addition, the brightness has a good adjustment in the most varied scenarios.

The performance of the Doogee S98 Pro

The Doogee S98 Pro comes equipped with a MediaTek Helio G96 processor, with 8GB of RAM and 265GB of internal storage, and it still has Android version 12.

The interface is customized by Doogee, however, in addition to the specific features that take advantage of the sensors and their robustness, it doesn't bring many extra applications besides Google's.

Highlight for the space for childrenwhere applications and usage times can be defined, and the game zone. There is also the practical Launcher that offers a simple-to-use interface, with large access menus for essential apps, such as contacts, calls, messages or cameras.

The smartphone has a fluid performance in most tasks, however, there is a noticeable slowness in switching apps, especially in those that require more processing.

In the Antutu benchmark tests (v9.3.9) it scored 274418 points and in Geekbench 5 it scored 490 points in single-core and 1544 points in multi-core.

The InfiRay thermal sensor

The Doogee S98 Pro has an InfiRay thermal sensor that is characterized by offering the highest thermal resolution, with twice the number of thermal pixels of other sensors. This makes it possible to more accurately detect drafts, humidity, leaks, high temperatures, short circuits or even animals in the dark.

This sensor also has Dual Spectrum Fusion Algorithm technology, which allows the thermal sensor and primary sensor images to be placed one on top of the other, allowing the user to adjust the level of transparency of desired thermal details over the real image. This will allow, for example, to accurately track a trouble spot.

On the smartphone there is an app dedicated to the use of this sensor, called InfiRay, which allows you to evaluate a series of specific parameters in terms of temperature, and even adjust the settings precisely.

The temperature captured by the sensor has a very good accuracy, having been made several tests of comparison with another infrared thermometer, although in some cases there were slight variations, it was nothing relevant.

The thermal image also allows you to quickly assess whether there is a problem, for example, in an electrical connection or electronic equipment.

Cameras on a rugged phone

The cameras correspond to expectations given the range in which they belong. We are talking about a 48 MP main camera and a 20 MP night vision camera.

It is this second one that allows you to capture images in total darkness, which can be useful for nature explorers or in specific works, where capturing images in weaker lighting conditions may be essential.

The app dedicated to the camera is simple to use, with quick adjustments positioned at the top and the modes at the bottom, next to the shutter. The available modes for capturing still images and video are: Photo, Video, Night Vision, Portrait, HD, Night Mode, Dynamic Photo, Professional Mode, Panorama, Slow Motion, Elapsed Time and Smart Scan.

Here are some examples:


The robustness of the Doogee S98 Pro is proven by IP68, IP69K and MIL-STD-810H certificates. This is a machine that has passed the tests of resistance to immersion in water, water jets, extreme temperature variations, drops, dust... and a few more associated tests.

This robustness combined with the 6000 mAh battery that lasted 4 days with moderate use, make the smartphone relatively large and heavy. It is not something that is strange, since they turn out to be common features in this type of device.

The focus of this robust smartphone from Doogee is on its thermal sensor, which has proved to be very effective in detecting different temperatures in different environments.

Also noteworthy is the performance and photo capture within what is expected in the range. In addition, the capture of images with the Night Vision camera stands out, offering unique details in images in environments of total darkness.

O rugged phone Doogee S98 Pro is now available with huge launch discount, on AliExpress from €387.98 (VAT included) for the first 5 days. It can also be purchased at Doogeemall online store.

Doogee S98 Pro

Pplware thanks Doogee for providing the rugged phone Doogee S98 Pro for review.

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