Review: Tronsmart T7 Bluetooth speaker… the 360º surround sound

Deepak Gupta August 19, 2022
Updated 2022/08/19 at 3:46 PM

Tronsmart is one of the brands that we have been following in Pplware, with an offer of products aimed at sound reproduction with an increasingly better quality, in addition to the inclusion of innovative technologies and the product design itself.

Prices are another positive factor in the equation and today we present the Tronsmart T7.

main specifications

Tronsmart T7 is the latest wireless speaker from the manufacturer, with Bluetooth connection, and with a power of 30W. It integrates two tweeters and two woofers, plus a woofer positioned at the bottom, thus ensuring an immersive sound reproduction with powerful bass.

Like many of Tronsmart's proposals, the T7 also features an LED lighting system that can be set by the user to a unique color or vary with the beat of the music.

The built-in battery guarantees, according to the manufacturer, music playback for about 12 hours, with the volume at 50%.

The Tronsmart T7 features patented SoundPulse technology, which we've talked about a few times before, and which delivers louder, more powerful sound than regular speakers.

Another particularity of this speaker is that it can be connected to another T7 thanks to TWS technology. Supports Bluetooth 5.3, but does not have NFC. Additionally, it is IPX7 water resistant.

Users, via the app, will be able to adjust some parameters, namely, playback modes such as Sound Pulse, Hi-Fi, Classical, Vocal, Deep Bass, Rock and 3D. All this is supported by voice assistant.

The box contains only the Tronsmart T7 speaker, USB charging cable and the quick instruction manual.

Construction and design of the Tronsmart T7

The Tronsmart T7 is a relatively compact speaker, reminiscent of an ordinary reusable water bottle. It measures 255 x 125 x 93 mm and weighs 1.23 kg, combining the plastic with a soft mesh in the speaker area, and with the rubber on the buttons and on the base so that there is a perfect vibration during playback.

It has a mesh strap, lace-like, positioned in a ring for this purpose, and can easily be exchanged for something more robust. The buttons are positioned in the area of ​​this strap, which is also the area where the mesh that surrounds the column joins.

At the top there is a large wheel for volume control, surrounded by the LED ring, where you can also see the institution of the brand.


The speaker has Bluetooth 5.3 and the connection is made simply and quickly like any other Bluetooth device, and without the need for a pre-installed app.

In addition to playing music or audio from any other multimedia app, you can also use it for calls (since it has microphones) and, additionally, it can work with your Alexa, Google Assistant or Cortana voice assistant.

sound quality

The Tronsmart T7 speaker is ideal to be used at summer parties, where there is always water involved, or even to have by the pool or on the beach, obviously, maintaining respect for other people if it is a public space.

It has a very wide range of sound, where the very deep bass and balanced midrange stand out. With the sound at a very high level, there is a distortion of the treble, becoming too strident, something that, in our tests, was compensated with the adjustment of the modes available in the application.

It is also worth mentioning the SoundPulse technology, which really guarantees an increase in sound volume compared to all other modes, without affecting the quality of reproduction.

The application has only 3 preset modes, in addition to Default: Deep Bass, Classical and Rock. However, it also has SoundPulse and an Equalizer for more complete adjustment.


The Tronsmart T7 speaker is available for around €53, which is a very interesting price given the quality offered.

Sound reproduction, communication reliability and connection interfaces are factors to be positively highlighted. The sound quality and its balance add to the lot of positive aspects offered by this compact product.

The autonomy in our tests varied between 10h and 12h, as the manufacturer indicates.

THE Tronsmart T7 bluetooth speaker is available on sale for €53.29 (VAT included), using the discount coupon available on the product page on AliExpress. Shipping is free and delivery is fast, made from a warehouse in Spain.

Pplware thanks Tronsmart for providing the Tronsmart T7 column for review.

Tronsmart T7

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