Rimac Nevera: R$12 million electric hypercar is destroyed in crash test

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta February 18, 2022
Updated 2022/02/18 at 8:12 PM

The electric hypercar Rimac Nevera of BRL 12 million is completing a series of 44 tests to receive commercialization certification in the US and Europe. The Youtuber mat Watsonfrom the Carwow channel, was invited by the company Rimac to participate in the latest vehicle approval crash test.

The test in question consists of a side collision at 32km/h, against an iron beam with the presence of a full-size dummy inside the car. The purpose of the test is to ensure that Rimac Nevera meets the necessary protection qualifications to be marketed. Although the video causes some heartache, as we observe a model that will cost a measly R$12 million being destroyed as if it were nothing, crash tests are routine before the launch of any vehicle on the market.

From the image of the car itself and the version used in the test, we can see that the carcass was built specifically to be destroyed. Below, you can see the impressive video of the moment of the collision.

Test passed car

The Rimac Nevera passed the side crash test at 32km/h and, despite coming out of the crash wrecked, the test dummy came out of the experience alive. In the images published on Carwow, we accompany Watson fully explaining how the test will work, in addition to all the details about the collision platform.

He explains that for approval the Dummy cannot present a significant amount of damage to the head and torso. In addition, after a collision it is mandatory that at least one of the car doors continues to open.

You may follow the test from the 7min video, but we reinforce that the whole experience is interesting to follow. After the collision, Watson checks if the nail installed in the iron beam has penetrated the white strip of the car. This is to ensure impact accuracy.

Also, we can see that despite the impact the car does relatively well from the shock. Even with the destruction on the door, it keeps opening and we can check that the bench where the dummy is sitting has suffered virtually no damagewhich enhances the vehicle’s safety qualities.

Now that the Rimac Nevera has passed all crash tests, the car is ready to be approved by regulatory agencies and marketed in the US and Europe.


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Source: carwow, The Next Web

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