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Deepak Gupta January 11, 2022
Updated 2022/01/11 at 2:56 AM

Electric vehicle maker Rivian has filed a lawsuit new trademark for e-bikes and e-bikes, as well as their corresponding structural parts. The move could signal that Rivian is considering getting on the e-bike demand train and diversifying its portfolio with a product that is cheaper to produce at scale than electric pickups and in line with its “adventure” target audience.

Rivian told Ploonge that he had nothing to share on the matter.

Companies often trademark products they end up not using, but other automakers are starting to see value in the e-bike industry that has seen a 240% sales growth rate in the 12 months prior to July. Last year, Porsche launched two new e-bikes designed in the spirit of the Taycan Cross Turismo. BMW has also released plans to produce several e-bikes and other micromobility vehicles lately, such as its all-electric CE 04 scooter.

Last month, Rivian shared plans to use some of the $13.7 billion it raised when it went public to build a second factory in Georgia (the first is in Illinois) to double its production capacity and make battery cells. – cells that can ostensibly be used in batteries for other types of vehicles, too.

According to the document, which was first revealed by Rivian Forums, Rivian wishes to expand the use of its trademark to include the following:

Bicycles; bicycle structural parts; electric bicycles; structural parts of electric bicycles; electric bicycle components specially designed for electric bicycles, namely, battery packs, motor controllers, electric motors, throttle controls, pedal assist sensors, display consoles, harnesses, sprockets, cassettes, chains; bicycle frames; bicycle pedals; bicycle horns; bicycle brakes; bicycle chains; bicycle gears; bicycle wheels; bicycle seats; bicycle tires; bicycle cranks; bicycle labels; mudguards for bicycles; bicycle engines; bicycle saddles; bicycle pumps; bicycle bells; bicycle handlebars; bicycle trailers; bicycle racks; bicycle seatposts; mounted bicycle covers; bicycle wheel spokes; bicycle rims; bicycle racks; bicycle pedal straps; bicycle parts, namely derailleurs; water bottle cages for bicycles; Bicycle carriers for vehicles; pumps for bicycle tires; inner tubes for bicycle tires; bicycle parts, namely disc wheels; bicycle parts, namely brake shoes

Rivian also recently filed a patent for a charging system integrated in the tailgate for automotive vehicle, which is essentially a tailgate bike rack that will allow drivers to load a bike into their truck without losing bed space. Perhaps the company, which likes to supply accessories for its R1T truck, wants to design the entire package for its target audience – the rugged, eco-friendly American explorer.

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