Robot kills weeds with electric shocks

Deepak Gupta January 19, 2022
Updated 2022/01/19 at 3:50 AM

The agrotechnology company small robot develops solutions for agriculture with small robots, with a focus on sustainability. In England, Farmers used the company’s robotic solutions to kill weeds with electricity.

calls from Tom, Dick and Harry, Small Robot’s small robots aim to rid the crop of threats, with limited use of chemicals and heavy machinery. In the image below you can see Tom (left) and Dick (right).

Electric shock that eliminates even the roots

The company’s chief executive, Ben Scott-Robinson, told in an interview with CNN International, that robots create a electrical current that passes through the plant to the roots. “It creates a current that runs through the plant’s roots through the soil and then back up, which completely destroys the weed.”

Electric current runs through the plant to the roots, safely eliminating it

Robots can individually go to each plant that threatens the crop and eliminate it easily and safely. Ben comments that the process is not as quick as spraying the field with chemicals, but he says the advantage is not having to use a lot of chemicals. “Plants that are neutral or beneficial to crops are left untouched,” he commented. In the image below it is possible to observe the moment of the electric discharge in a weed.

The robot Tone was released in April 2017 and is currently in operation on three farms in the UK. It is capable of scanning 20 hectares a day, collecting data that will be used to plant seeds in clean soil. The robots Dick and Harry are still in the testing phase. Small Robot promises that the company’s agrotechnology solutions can reduce operating costs by up to 40%, in addition to a 95% reduction in the use of chemicals.

We are recently following major changes in the agriculture sector, while in the UK robots that weed with electricity, China has been using drones to speed up its production chain. In addition to helping to spray pesticides, they are also being used to transport crops.


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Source: CNN

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