‘Rocket League Sideswipe’ is getting a volleyball mode in season two

Deepak Gupta February 1, 2022
Updated 2022/02/01 at 8:22 PM

a mobile spin-off of the hit car football game, is getting some new features and modes as part of the . Alongside the latest Rocket Pass and season free challenges, a Volleyball Mode will launch in-game for iOS and Android at 11am ET on Wednesday.

Two-versus-two mode has no goals. Instead, there is a net in the middle of the arena and a new ball. You will score when the ball hits the ground on your opponent’s side of the net. It’s as simple a concept as “putting the ball in the other team’s goal”, but it offers a different dynamic to the gameplay.

With the arrival of volleyball, players will need to say goodbye to Hoops, a basketball-style mode that is also available in . Psynoix says these Extra Modes will cycle in and out slide sideways each season, probably to keep things fresh.

There will be a bunch of new items to unlock in Season 2, including some rocket league favorites like the Breakout car and supernova aim blasts and dragon duel. You’ll also have a way to practice against human opponents without worrying about your competitive ranking. Casual playlists will arrive today at 7pm ET ahead of the full Season 2 update.

When the new season starts, slide sideways will reset all competitive rankings. Players will be rewarded with quick chat titles and stickers that vary according to their peak rating during the inaugural season.

Psyonix did a great job of translating the rocket league experience for a 2D mobile format with Side slide. It’s a good way for fans to fix their car football (or volleyball) while away from their console or PC, although I’ve found it easier to play with a controller than touch controllers.

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