“Rosenheim Cops” star Marisa Burger: Her blended family likes that

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta December 30, 2021
Updated 2021/12/30 at 8:40 AM

The TV series “The Rosenheim Cops” celebrates its 20th anniversary in January. Before the big anniversary, the winter special in feature length is on the primetime program at the end of the year on Wednesday, “The Rosenheim Cops: Murderous Society” (December 29th, 8:15 pm, ZDF): It is early morning in wintry Upper Bavaria. The lake is peacefully in the landscape as two women walk around the lake. But the idyll is deceptive, because they make a terrible discovery. There is a body of water in the lake … and here, as in the series at the beginning, Police Secretary Ms. Stockl always comes into play. With her sentence “There gabat a Leich” (“There would be a corpse”) she opens each episode.

The audience favorite has been embodied by actress Marisa Burger (48) for 20 years. In an interview with spot on news, she explains why the series is so popular, what she has already experienced privately with her mandatory series set and what the anniversary means for her. The Munich resident also reveals the beautiful family tradition with which she holds her blended family together.

The full-length winter special is coming up. How do you see the filming of the “Rosenheim Cops” series differ from that of a winter special?

Marisa Burger: For me the difference is that in the series I’m mostly in the police station, while the winter special also has very nice subplot strands for Miriam Stockl that take place outside. I like that.

Every episode of the series and also the winter specials always begin with your cult slogan “There was a corpse”. What have you already experienced privately with it?

Burger: When fans of the “Rosenheim Cops” recognize me, the saying “There was a corpse” comes along of course. The last time it was on vacation in Italy: We stood in front of a Ristorante and looked at the menu. Then suddenly someone said: “Aha, was there a corpse?” I replied: “I hope not, I’m here privately.” – Something like that happens from time to time, but it’s always nice and friendly. (laughs)

How many takes do you need in the meantime to get this saying in the can? And do you have to laugh while shooting when it’s your turn again?

Burger: After 20 years this saying has become so flesh and blood that I probably can’t say anything else after a phone call on the series. But we don’t have to laugh at this point when shooting …

In the coming year, specifically on January 9th, the series will be celebrating its 20th anniversary. How are you going to celebrate this? And what do the 20 years mean for you?

Burger: The production would like to celebrate the anniversary, but unfortunately we can’t plan anything concrete at the moment. To be honest, it doesn’t seem that long to me anyway. It just passes you by and you actually only notice that you are getting older. When I started with the “Rosenheim cops”, my daughter started school. And now she has finished her studies with a master’s degree. It’s unbelievable that I’ve been able to work in my job with a steady income in Munich for 20 years and have brought a child through school in the process. Yes, yes, that’s really a long time.

It is also impressive that the series did not have to be discontinued after the death of long-time chief inspector actor Joseph Hannesschläger (1962-2020). How do you explain the great popularity?

Burger: That’s right. I think it’s because we’re like a fairy tale. It always starts with the same sentence: “There was a corpse!” And it always ends with the same sentence: “If you would please come with us.” The viewers have a little break with us, in which they can watch a criminalistic fairy tale is told in which the focus is not on the murder, but on what takes place around it. That’s what the audience likes so much I think. I also believe that people need fairy tales especially at this time. I would also say that we are a kind of antithesis to the “crime scene” [Sonntagkrimi im Ersten, Red.] who, with their socially critical and political issues, also has an important function in the television landscape.

The winter special is broadcast shortly after the Christmas holidays. Do you actually have a traditional Christmas dinner?

Burger: At Christmas dinner it always depends on how many children are with us – my husband has two children, I have a daughter. We are a blended family and sometimes it’s grandma’s turn and sometimes it’s father or mother. But mostly we make raclette together. It’s very cozy.

How do you get rid of the holiday pounds and how do you generally keep fit?

Burger: I generally like to do sports because I can switch off easily and relax. I really enjoy running a few laps, doing yoga, swimming, going to the gym and skiing in winter. I make sure to keep myself fit, but I also know that it’s good for me mentally. So sport doesn’t stress me, on the contrary: If I don’t do anything for a long time, I become stressful for others. But it doesn’t always have to be extreme, half an hour is enough – I allow myself this time. Of course, there are also days when I don’t do sports and in the evening I’m just happy when I can crawl into bed.

You have already mentioned the blended family. Do you also have an appointment when everyone comes together?

Burger: Yes, there is. Once a year we take a nice holiday home in the summer and then all the children come, happily with their partners. This is very important to us and it has been working very well for years. Some are there for two weeks, some only for a week. This way you also have time to really exchange ideas. They are all already big and don’t live in the same place. That’s why I try to find nice places where people like to meet. And so far there is actually nobody who is not in the mood for it. They even always ask where we’re going next year. It’s a great tradition and a nice family ritual.

New Year’s Eve is in a few days. How do you usually like to celebrate the New Year?

Burger: I used to go to parties, even if the big New Year’s Eve party in the club was usually not really good. Somehow it’s always best at home. And that’s how we’ve been maintaining it for a number of years. My husband and I like to have guests with whom we cook and sit together comfortably. This is of course only possible to a limited extent, but it will come again. Apart from that, on New Year’s Eve I just try to put a year off and look ahead to the New Year with wide eyes.

What do you wish for the coming year?

Burger: What I would really like is that we all be a little more careful with ourselves and with others. If it is not always about self-optimization and “the main thing is me”, we can live together more peacefully again.

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