Rumors: Does toothpaste remove scratch from smartphone screens?

Deepak Gupta July 16, 2022
Updated 2022/07/16 at 5:21 PM

As in other areas, also in the technology segment, in this case in smartphones, there are several myths. Some are right, but others don’t make any sense.

To help users, Xiaomi explains five tech myths related to smartphones.

In a world in constant evolution, especially in the field of technology, there are still some myths that cause doubts when purchasing a new electronic device. Xiaomi addresses some of the most famous myths:

#1 - Do not recharge your smartphone until the battery is completely gone

This myth is related to old cell phones, when batteries were made of nickel-cadmium and suffered from the memory effect. Today the batteries are made of lithium-ion and it is recommended that you do not let your cell phone run out of energy to recharge it. In the case of Xiaomi, it has AdaptiveCharge technology, which learns charging patterns and optimizes the charging strategy.

#2 - Do not use the smartphone while it is charging

This is one of the myths that is still around today. Despite the slight heating that can be noticed in this type of situation, it is not exactly critical.

Xiaomi, for example, offers LiquidCool Technology 2.0 for steam cooling, which ensures better temperature management, so you don't suffer from performance losses from excessive heating.

  Rumors: Does toothpaste remove scratch from smartphone screens?

#3 - The more pixels, the better

The number of pixels in a given camera alone does not guarantee that you will get a better image compared to another camera with a lower number of pixels. That is why today, accompanying the camera system, we find, for example, Artificial Intelligence algorithms that, in addition to helping users, enable a better quality end result. To all this must be added the size of the sensor, which is also important because the larger the size, the greater the ability to capture light and the greater the ability to collect information.

#4 - Toothpaste removes scratch from screens

In addition to all the benefits that toothpaste brings to oral health, and even helping to disguise certain damage to smartphone screens, the truth is that it can also cause more risks if you are not careful. After all, the fluoride in toothpaste is corrosive and can damage the smartphone screen in the medium or long term. To be used, be very careful not to wear the screen. Use a soft cloth and lightly apply the toothpaste in circular motions.

Currently, smartphone screens are increasingly resistant, as they include Gorilla Glass technology.

#5 - Too much technology has consequences on creativity and memory

If creativity and memory are personal characteristics that can be affected by several factors, today's technology allows these same attributes to be stimulated in different ways. In addition, using Artificial Intelligence, it is possible to create disruptive content.

For example, with Xiaomi's Cinema AI you can creatively edit any video you record with your smartphone, making this process much more intuitive and easier to explore.

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