Samsung introduces washer and dryer with intuitive dashboard and artificial intelligence features

Deepak Gupta February 9, 2022
Updated 2022/02/09 at 4:40 AM

Technology has made our lives more and more comfortable. With the occupations of our routine, such as work, studies, social obligations and leisure, it is difficult to handle everything if we don’t have some help from modern devices to gain time and be able to focus on what really matters.

Keeping an eye on the market smart and with the objective of bringing products that are increasingly aligned with the facilities that consumers expect from appliances for the home, the Samsung introduces its new Washer Dryer, Washer and Dryer models with Artificial Intelligence (AI) features that can identify user habits and recommend their favorite cycles. They even have a panel smart, allowing for a simpler process, the programming of times for washing and drying and tips for the conservation of the machine. Check out the specifications of each of the new models below.

New models of Smart Washer and Dryer WD17T and WD18T

THE Wash and Dry WD17T It has the capacity to wash 17kg and dry 10kg in the same cycle. already the model WD18T It has the capacity to wash 18kg and dry 10kg in the same cycle. This model also has Artificial Intelligence features, which uses four smart sensors to automatically identify the load of clothes and the level of dirt, and calculate the ideal amount of water and soap. Another feature of WD18T is the possibility of filling the dispenser of soap and fabric softener only once a month so that the automatic dispenser adds the ideal amount of inputs to each wash.

Samsung Wash and Dry Features That Make Your Life Easier

with technology AirWash Used in both models, it is possible to wash, dry and dry sterilize and eliminate undesirable odors and up to 99.9% of bacteria and allergens that cause respiratory problems, without using soap or water. The exclusive technology ecobubble 4 produces soap bubbles that make washing more thorough. In addition to facilitating the penetration of soap into the fabric by 40 times, the feature promotes effective washing, even with cold water. The models WD17T and WD18T Samsung’s Smart Wash and Dryer even allow for a 30-minute cotton cycle with Speed ​​Shot5in addition to generating more energy savings and much less noise with technology Digital Inverter 6which has a 10-year warranty on the engine.

Details of the WF18T Washer and Dryer DVG20

In addition to the Lava and Dry models, Samsung has just launched the Lavadora Smart WF18T, that supports washing up to 18 kg, and the dryer Smart DVG20, a high-capacity product that allows drying up to 20 kilos in the same cycle and with a gas drying function. Both products have smart features similar to washing machine models, which identify the habits most used by users, recommend the ideal cycles and display the most important information. With Smart Panel and ecosystem compatibility SmartThingsthe dryer DVG20 still has the function Multi Steamwhich reduces wrinkles, removes odors and eliminates 99.9% of bacteria.

All the models mentioned here are already available at Samsung official store in Brazil.


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