Samsung joins Google and Microsoft to protect their smartphones from cyberattacks

Deepak Gupta July 9, 2022
Updated 2022/07/09 at 2:05 AM

More and more smartphones are the target of attacks, and Samsung is actively aware of this. The theft of user data and information is lucrative and these do not always come from where expected, and are even sponsored by the States.

To avoid this situation in the future and prevent attacks that may happen, Samsung wants to take the right measures. To do this, it teamed up with Google and Microsoft to create the necessary mechanisms on their smartphones.




Samsung wants to protect its smartphones

As a base, Android smartphones are already equipped with essential tools to protect users and their data. Examples of this are Samsung Knox or Secure Folder, which guarantee a high and constant layer of protection.

As threats grow, Samsung wants to elevate these mechanisms and tools even further. For this, it has allied itself with Google and Microsoft, which manages to guarantee the prevention of any possible phishing attack that happens in the future.

Samsung Google Microsoft smartphones protect

Measures to protect users from attacks

By sharing this information, Samsung revealed which has increasingly detected attacks sponsored or carried out by sovereign states. At the same time, and since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, trojan-horses to steal bank details have also increased.

It's unclear whether Samsung is working on a feature similar to the Lockdown Mode that Apple introduced a few days ago. However, the company has revealed that it is looking to introduce the latest FIDO technologies to its smartphones as soon as possible.

Samsung Google Microsoft smartphones protect

Microsoft and Google are the partners of choice

Adoption of the latest FIDO standard should allow customers to use the same login data (stored locally on the device) across multiple platforms. This includes Chrome OS, Windows, and even macOS, for logging into various apps and websites.

With this association, Samsung will guarantee access to unique technology that will be extremely useful to users. At the same time, it creates solutions that Google and Microsoft can take advantage of and also increase protection on their systems.

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