Samsung: New product does not deliver what it promises

Deepak Gupta February 22, 2022
Updated 2022/02/22 at 8:15 AM

The Galaxy S22 series will be available in retail from February 25th. You can already pre-order the new smartphones. However, they are not the only ones coming onto the market. They are also used to reach customers with new accessories. The fitting Samsung charger about promises much faster loading. However, it can only keep this promise to a limited extent.

Samsung charger disappoints expectations

With the power supply that you get with the models of the S22 series, Samsung wanted to significantly increase the charging speed. The reason for this goal is sometimes the speeds that the Chinese competition is now showing. The Samsung charger for the S22 Pro and the S22 Ultra is said to have an output of up to 45 watts. The basic variant of the Galaxy S22 has to be satisfied with 25 watts.

With powerful processors and graphics units as well as ever more powerful and sharper displays, the battery capacities are also growing. Fast chargers have therefore been in vogue for years. You can now charge some mid-range cell phones with up to 65 watts. The current flagships of the Chinese competitor Xiaomi have already exceeded the 100 watt mark. Samsung can’t quite follow suit, but the company is trying to offer its customers the shortest possible loading times.

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Comparison of power supplies

The problem: Nothing really changes with the Samsung charger for 45 watts. GSM Arena compared the power supplies from the South Korean manufacturer and also included the 65-watt variant from a third-party supplier. Samsung models have both the Power Delivery standard (PD) and the PPS standard (Programmable Power Supply). The third-party product is only PD-certified.

The team measured the status of the battery after being charged from 0 percent for 30 minutes. The following result was reached:

model Battery level after 30 minutes
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (65W PD, no PPS) 65%
Samsung Galaxy S22+ (45W) 64%
Samsung Galaxy S22+ (25W) 62%
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (25W) 61%
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (45W) 60%

It was then determined how long the respective chargers needed to fully charge the Samsung cell phones from 0 percent.

model Loading time from 0 to 100%
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (45W) 0:59 h
Samsung Galaxy S22+ (45W) 1:01 hrs
Samsung Galaxy S22+ (25W) 1:02 hrs
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (65W PD, no PPS) 1:02 hrs
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (25W) 1:04 hrs

As you can see, the new Samsung charger doesn’t offer any significant advantage over its 25-watt predecessor.

Source: GSM Arena

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