Samsung OLED TVs with LG Panels May Hit Stores in June

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 14, 2022
Updated 2022/01/14 at 8:38 PM

THE Samsung must present models of OLED TVs, with displays LG, in June. The information comes from the South Korean news portal, The Elec (via whathifi), which states that the Samsung decided to use panels W-OLED competitor to produce its models. At the end of 2021, similar information had already been released and, now, the findings of the Korean portal reinforce the thesis.

According to the portal, the Samsung managed to buy the panels LG Display at a price similar to what the LG Electronics pays for the manufacture of your devices. The manufacturer’s plan Galaxy’s is to buy about 2 million units of W-OLED and ship 1.5 million units from OLED TVs with this technology and 500 thousand units of TVs with (QD)-OLED.

The site also points out that no news related to the subject was disclosed in the CES 2022, because the negotiation and analysis of the business were still ongoing during the fair. Several televisions and screens were presented at the event, including a portable projector from Samsung, but the likely OLED TVs of the brand did not show up.

LG Electronics Vision

News related to the subject suggest that the LG Electronics not concerned about the presence of Samsung in the sales sector OLED TVs. According to reports, the company believes that the entry of new competitors can help the market to grow more and more.

Asked about the matter, Oh Chang-ho, vice president of LG Display, said: “I’ve been doing OLED by myself for 10 years and now I have a partner”, after welcoming market competitors.

while the news OLED TVs gives Samsung do not reach the market, check below the analysis produced here at Connected world from Smart TV Samsung Neo QLED QN85A. For more content like this, stay tuned!


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Via: Whathifi Source: The Elec

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