Samsung reveals: One thing is changing with the Galaxy S22 – for good reason

Deepak Gupta January 14, 2022
Updated 2022/01/14 at 10:06 AM

On Tuesday, February 8th, Samsung is to present the models of this year’s flagship series. A lot is already known about the design and equipment of the devices. But what the prices of the Samsung Galaxy S22 series came up, so far there has been silence. This could change now. The largely reliable Leaker @ chunvn8888 takes matters into their own hands and shares their knowledge with the public.

Samsung Galaxy S22 pricing leaked

In the course of the past weeks and months, various sources had indicated that Samsung would introduce sharp price increases with its new cell phones. This is not only due to the multitude of new functions with which the Samsung Galaxy S22 series is supposed to come up. Rather, pandemics and a lack of chips also play a not insignificant role in the increases. On Tuesday, @ chunvn8888 revealed what the models should cost on Twitter:

  • Samsung Galaxy S22: $ 899
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 +: $ 1,099
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: $ 1,299

“Originally wanted [Samsung] kept the prices of last year’s S21 series (799/999/1199), but due to the scarcity of chips, in parallel with the widespread use of Qualcomm chipsets, they had to increase the price by an additional $ 100. The same thing happened with the S21 FE, which was originally below 600, but due to the shortage of chips … “

@ chunvn8888 (via Twitter)

Also known prices of new Samsung tablets

In addition to his assessment of the costs and prices of the Samsung Galaxy S22 series, the leaker also reveals further details. First and foremost there is price information on the new tablets from the South Korean software and hardware developer. According to @ chunvn8888, the Tab S8 will cost less than $ 850, while the Tab S8 + will again be in a range between $ 900 and $ 1,000.

You can expect such a massive price increase not only from Samsung. According to an insider, the iPhone 14 prices will also differ greatly from those of the previous models. Similar to the competitor, the shortage of chips could also be responsible for this. But there are also two important features that reinforce the change.

Source: Twitter / @ chunvn8888

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