Samsung smartphone repair costs could significantly reduce

Deepak Gupta April 13, 2022
Updated 2022/04/13 at 11:21 AM

Repairing a smartphone is always a factor to consider. Depending on product ranges and integrated technologies, costs can go too high. Samsung may, however, be preparing to adjust some parameters in this process.

The South Korean company is planning to start a new repair program that should significantly reduce its costs.

Recycled parts could be the solution

According to a publication by Business Korea, Samsung should be considering introducing certified recycled parts in mobile device repairs. In concrete, the pieces will be made of recycled materials, such as discarded plastics, metals or others. The initiative may be launched in the coming months, even in this first semester.

As you can read, by using recycled replacement parts, Samsung could substantially reduce the overall price of repairs to the end consumer. For example, replacing a recycled screen could even cost half what it does today.

The quality of the parts, however, could not be compromised, so Samsung will have to guarantee that they will be equivalent to those that come today in the new products.

Will savings be reflected in the final repair price?

Despite this information, the site does not indicate which smartphone parts may be available in this repair program and how much savings may actually be made for the consumer.

This news comes as no great surprise. We know that the manufacturer has been taking actions to improve the sustainability of its productions. It started with the reduction of plastics in its cases, advanced to the removal of chargers in several lines of devices and its latest smartphones in the Galaxy S22 series have in their composition plastics collected from fishing nets discarded in the oceans.

With this hypothesis, it remains to be seen if the manufacturer will be able to effectively reduce the price paid by the final consumer, or if the savings will only be reflected in its profits.

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