Samsung still dominates sales in Europe with smartphone market at new lows

Deepak Gupta June 17, 2022
Updated 2022/06/17 at 9:12 AM

The smartphone market has been going through a period of great fluctuation in sales, as a result of several complicated factors. Although sales have decreased considerably, the preference for some brands remains.

The latest data shows that Samsung continues to dominate the smartphone market in Europe, with competition staying at a comfortable distance. The problem is the sales values, which again reach minimum values.

The smartphone market in Europe has followed the trends that the rest have shown over time. Dominated by Samsung, they are followed by the presence of Apple and Xiaomi, with the latter two very close to each other.

The information that Counterpoint Research now presented confirms this, with new values, referring to the beginning of 2022. Thus, Samsung dominates the smartphone market in Europe, with 35%. This value is below the 37% it had 1 year ago.

The list goes on with Apple, which assumes 25% of the share of this market, up 1% compared to 2021 values. Xiaomi, on the other hand, managed to take over 14% of the smartphone market, with a very visible drop compared to the 19% that had a year ago.

Samsung Apple Xiaomi smartphones sales

Samsung's 2% market loss in Q1 2022 can be attributed to the entire European segment going through a rough patch. Industry watchers say a total of 49 million smartphones were shipped to Europe in Q1 2022, hitting the lowest quarterly point since Q1 2013.

The European smartphone market is suffering these losses due to the shortage of components related to COVID and the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. User spending is also falling due to rising levels of inflation.

The values ​​now obtained are the worst that there is memory in recent months. 2013 values ​​have now been reached and this behavior of the smartphone market is expected to continue in the coming months. As for brands, Samsung should continue to dominate, followed by Apple and Xiaomi.

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