Samsung wants to remember something that everyone already knows! Galaxy Note is dead for good

Deepak Gupta July 4, 2022
Updated 2022/07/04 at 1:17 AM

It has long been known that Samsung ended up with the Galaxy Note and that the alternative turned out to be the most obvious. This smartphone has conquered many users over the years it has been on the market, marking its position.

With its end, Samsung transferred this responsibility to the Galaxy S Ultra, which is already being seen. Now, and in a comment by a person in charge of the brand, the company has confirmed what everyone already knows. The Galaxy Note is dead for good.




Samsung has maintained its top smartphone lineup over the many years it has been on the market. This consistency has brought better and better models with new features with each new version that is released, twice a year.

Of course, the new formulas end up taking up space and position, as happened with the Galaxy Z Flip and Z Fold. These manage to emerge as alternatives and even lead models like the Galaxy Note to new areas and new paths.

Proving this are now the statements of TM Roh, president of Samsung Electronics. This brand manager provided a little more context on the reasons for this decision. It was already well known, but it was officially confirmed and reaffirmed again.

More specifically, the Samsung executive says the company has eliminated the Note because the device lives on like the Galaxy S Ultra model. Concretely, the statements were that "from this year, the Galaxy Note will appear in the form of S Ultra every year".

Samsung Note Galaxy Ultra smartphones

By bringing the S Pen to this model, Samsung ended up eliminating the need to have 2 models. It turned out to be more logical to promote one of the most successful models of the brand and give it the extras to make it the heir of the Galaxy Note.

This seems to be just reaffirming something that everyone already knew and that the Galaxy S22 Ultra ended up confirming a few months ago. This is the natural heir of the Galaxy Note and will take its place with everything that this model offered to users.

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