Samsung will invest in a platform to study the behavior of OLED panels

Deepak Gupta February 9, 2022
Updated 2022/02/09 at 12:31 AM

THE OLED It’s not a very new technology. It has already been used for some years to make screens and televisions. Here in Brazil, one of the main representatives of these products is LGwith their well-known CX and C1 – and soon the C2which will be the model created for this year.

Despite the most modern cell phones in the Samsung use AMOLED for a long time, when it comes to the home television market, Samsung preferred to invest in other alternatives, with its series QLED (short for “Quantum Dot LED“, or “Quantum Dots“, in a free translation)

Some recent news already signaled that they would be embarking on a journey towards the OLEDsand other information, from the Korea IT portal, reinforced this position: the subsidiary of the South Korean company, Samsung Displayhas partnered with the KISTI (Korea Iinstitute of sscience and Technology Information, or simply “Korea Institute of Technology and Science”) to delve further into technology studies.

Sync-OLED initiative aims to expand knowledge about panels

The name of this initiative is Sync-OLED. And its main purpose is to obtain even more knowledge to expand the production of televisions, screens and other equipment that can benefit from these innovations.

The Executive Director of Solus Advanced Materials Electronic Materials Business Division, Tae-Hyung Kimstated that the investment for this project exceeds the billion won (South Korean currency).

Joining this news, with what had already been informed (of Samsung’s interest in this environment), it is expected that in the not too distant future the company will offer improved panels with this technology, which will be further developed with this initiative.

The company, since 2020is developing simulation tools suitable for these purposes.

With the increasing interest of several companies in the adoption of what is offered by OLED, this market segment is enjoying an increasing expansion, expanding the range of possibilities of new equipment available.

And it’s not just Samsung that is studying and improving. THE LGwith its panels EVO, also offer an option that promises better long-term durability while being more resistant to the infamous burn-in. Another recent example was Nintendo’s implementation, with its OLED switch.


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