Samsung’s QLED TVs earn Pantone certification for accurate color

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 25, 2022
Updated 2022/01/25 at 2:13 PM

THE Samsung presented at CES 2022 several new next-generation smart TVs, including the new Neo QLED, which have high-end features of current models with an HDMI 2.1 input. In addition to the various technologies present in the company’s devices, it is now partnering with pantone for make sure the models have the most accurate colors possible.

Through the official announcement to pantone says 15 Samsung 4K QLED TV models and five 8K models are receiving their certificationstating that the models can display all the 2030 Pantone colors very accurately. In addition, televisions can also show all 110 shades from the Pantone SkinTone Guidewhich is a skin color list that was made by analyzing the skin tones of a wide variety of ethnic groups.

“We are proud to have Samsung as one of the first partners to add Pantone Validated for PMS colors and skin tones. We look forward to giving users the chance to experience true color and skin tone in their products.”
– Said Pantone in its official note.

Credits: Pantone Publicity

Currently the pantone is one of the leading authorities on color science, with the company ensuring that only some of the finest and most accurate devices released ever achieve their certifications. now the Samsung is also in this select group of devices that managed to pass the tests, with twenty smart TVs capable of displaying colors with incredible accuracy.

So far it hasn’t been announced which models of the company’s QLED monitors/TVs are receiving this certification, but it shouldn’t take long for the manufacturer to reveal it through marketing campaigns. However, as pointed out by SamMobilethis type of achievement usually also brings with it an increase in the production cost of the devices.

But the models QLED gives Samsung are already known to be high-end, consequently, being more expensive and serving specific niches in the market.


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Source: pantone, SamMobile

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