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Deepak Gupta January 12, 2022
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Influencer Sarah Harrison (30) will start this Wednesday (January 12, 2022, 8:15 p.m. on Sat.1) at “Das große Promibacken”. Together with seven other celebrities, she will prove her baking skills in the sixth season and fight for the Golden Cupcake, including 10,000 euros for a good cause.

In an interview with the news agency spot on news, Dominic Harrison’s wife (30) explains why baking has not been one of her passions and which sweet sins she cannot say no to. In addition, the mother of two reveals what she pays attention to when feeding her children, what she misses in culinary terms in her home town of Dubai and what plans she is forging with her family for 2022.

Why did you feel like being there at the celebrity baking?

Sarah Harrison: I love new challenges and since I’ve been a dump so far, this is just the thing.

Do you enjoy being at the stove and if so, do you prefer baking or cooking?

Harrison: Baking has definitely not been one of my passions so far. I have to admit, I never looked at it either, so I just kept my hands off it. In any case, people cook more at home and that goes down very well. Thanks to my Thermomix here too …

Did you have to train for the show?

Harrison: There was a coaching session in which you get to know the basics and then hopefully implement them independently and well on the show. Everyone had a coach in their city and was prepared for the challenges. How do I make a cream, how do I prepare a dough, etc. Any information is very valuable for beginners.

How do you rate your competition?

Harrison: Very strong – especially since I know my back skills. The only thing that worked so far was my banana bread.

You regularly show your followers that you like to eat healthily. What is important to you here?

Harrison: For me it is important that it tastes good and that it goes down well with the children. I pay attention to a healthy diet at home and try to choose our recipes that way. Less sugar, balanced and lots of vegetables.

Are there sweet sins that you still can’t say no to?

Harrison: Of course, and for that I like to train a little longer. I think you should enjoy life and snacking is definitely part of that. I can’t always say no to a good piece of cake or gummy bears.

What is important to you when it comes to feeding your daughters, what would you like to give them on their way?

Harrison: Above all, that they eat and eat consciously when they are hungry. They like fruit and vegetables very much, I’m very happy and don’t have to push them to do so. Classic sweets are rarely found here – if we feel like it, we buy some.

Do you have any tips for mothers on how best to deal with nutrition?

Harrison: In fact, it’s important to always have healthy alternatives at home – apples and cucumbers are always popular with us. I always offer them to them and don’t wait for them to ask me. I also often bake delicious things and consciously make sure to avoid or reduce sugar or use alternatives. For example, I always make ice cream myself with fresh fruit and then I can have one more. Sweets should also not be stored at eye level with children. I think children should ask when they want to eat something sweet. Sounds strict, but that’s how children learn to use it consciously.

You live in Dubai with your family. How different is life and the culinary offer there?

Harrison: We love our new home. But I have to admit, I miss the bakeries here. Sometimes a nut snail is no longer in it, but there are tasty treats on every corner, but different.

What do you miss most about Germany apart from your family?

Harrison: Right now I’m just happy and not thinking about what I’m missing, but about what I have here.

How do you look back on 2021?

Harrison: We had a great and successful year with ups and downs. I realize that I am an adult and that I have both feet on my feet. My children make me proud every day. Our new home was definitely our highlight in 2021. I am very happy.

What are your plans, professionally and privately, for 2022? How often will you be in Germany?

Harrison: We have big business plans in 2022 and I’m already looking forward to it. There are a lot of great projects coming up that I’ve been working on for a long time. We have very big plans, especially with our Skincare Brand Samion. In my private life I only wish for health and satisfaction. I think we’ll definitely come to Germany once or twice, but no date has yet been set.

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