Satan II: Russian missile is able to hit the UK in 3 minutes

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta June 23, 2022
Updated 2022/06/23 at 3:59 AM

Despite everything that has been happening as a result of the war between Russia and Ukraine, Vladimir Putin has not been very interventionist. However, in the few interventions he has made, he tries to “spread” fear, threatening countries, armies and civilians.

Vladimir Putin has now threatened to deploy the Satan II nuclear missile by the end of the year. This missile can reach the UK in three minutes.

Satan II can reach targets up to 18,000 km

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that the Kremlin will deploy its newest intercontinental ballistic missile, the Satan II, capable of hitting Britain in three minutes. This implementation can happen until the end of the year. It should be noted that Russia has already carried out a successful test with this powerful weapon that has the ability, for example, to attack the US or the UK in just three minutes.

The new intercontinental ballistic nuclear missile designated the RS-28 Sarmat and was nicknamed 'Satan II' (Satan ll, in English) by NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) or NATO.

Satan II: Russian missile is able to hit the UK in 3 minutes

According to Putin, the fifth-generation intercontinental ballistic missile Sarmat is capable of "avoiding all modern anti-aircraft systems". Remember that this powerful weapon is included in a set of several missiles presented in 2018, classified as "invincible" by Vladimir Putin. The rest of the armament includes, in particular, the Kinjal and Avangard hypersonic missiles.

This weapon is 35.3 meters long and weighs 220 tons. The Satan II replaces the R-36 or Voevoda. It can carry up to 15 nuclear warheads and has an estimated range of between 10,000 to 18,000 km. Regarding the Voevoda, it has a range of 10,200 to 16,000 km.

A single missile can hit a number of targets in one shot.

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