Screenshot on the Macbook: It’s that easy

Deepak Gupta January 19, 2022
Updated 2022/01/19 at 6:55 PM

You’ve always wondered how you actually get one Screenshot on your MacBook can create? Then we finally have the answer for you, because it’s very easy and can be done with a simple movement. We have summarized below what options you have and what else is worth knowing.

Creating a screenshot with a MacBook: you need to know that

If you want to create a screenshot on your Macbook, you are probably first interested in how you do it in the first place. You can decide whether you want to take a picture of the entire screen, just a specific window or even just a part of your screen.

For all three variants there is a different key combination that you have to press to save the screenshot of your Macbook.

Speaking of saving:

You can also decide in advance where the screenshot you take will end up. But more on that later.

Record entire screen

If you have decided that you want to capture your entire screen as a screenshot on the Macbook, nothing is easier than that.

  1. The key combination consists of the shift key, the command key and the three in the number row. Hold down the following three keys on your Macbook: “shift” + “command” + “3”.
  2. If a thumbnail preview appears in the corner of your screen, you can click on it to edit the screenshot directly. Alternatively, just wait for it to save to your desktop (or location of your choice).

Capture only part of the screen

Even if you only want to capture a certain part of your screen for eternity, that shouldn’t cause any problems. It’s that easy:

  1. The key combination isn’t all that different from what you would press to take a regular screenshot. Use the keys “shift”, “command” and the “4” on the number row at the same time.
  2. Now, by dragging the small crosshairs, you can make sure that you mark the desired area that should be on the photo at the end. If you want to move your selection again, hold down the spacebar while dragging. To cancel or to start a new attempt, simply press “Esc”.

Take a picture of a specific window or menu

You can take a screenshot on your Macbook that only shows a specific window or even menu. To do this, first open it and proceed as follows:

  1. Hold down the key combination from the previous step: Shift + Command + Four and press the Space Bar.
  2. If the mouse pointer now turns into a camera symbol, you know that you did everything right. To cancel, press the “Esc” key (“Escape”) again.
  3. If your selection is correct, you now click on the window or the menu that you want to photograph. If you don’t want the shadow of the window to appear on your screenshot, hold down the Option key while clicking.
  4. Using the thumbnail in the corner of your screen, you can now edit the screenshot again until you like it.

This is how you determine the location of the screenshot

After you have taken a screenshot on your Macbook, it is usually saved on your desk, i.e. your desktop. The name consists of the date and time of the .png file. With the more recent operating systems of your Apple laptop (from macOS Mojave) you are able to set the default location for saved screenshots yourself.

You can use the “Options” menu in the screenshot app to quickly and easily determine the storage location for your screenshots on the Macbook. Otherwise, you can also drag the thumbnail onto a folder or document to move the file.

Conclusion: Taking a screenshot on Macbook is a piece of cake

As you can see, it is easy to take a screenshot on Macbook. All you need is the right key combination and you’ve captured your screenshot forever and ever. We also explain how you can replace your Macbook battery if you run out of juice. And how to connect your Macbook to the television is also revealed elsewhere.

Sources: Apple

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