Seconds on Windows 11 clock? It doesn’t exist and Microsoft explains why

Deepak Gupta April 18, 2022
Updated 2022/04/18 at 12:51 AM

Windows 11 has shown some important changes for users and the way they use Microsoft’s system. These are small novelties that completely change what is presented to users.

A detail that has now been discovered reveals that the Windows 11 clock has an important detail. Does not display the seconds and second Microsoft will not display. The reason is simple and makes a lot of logic in an operating system. Come and find out why.

An important detail in Windows 11

Despite being an element present in all operating systems, the clock behaves differently in each one. With a simple function, there are those who have more information and who present it in a completely different way.

This situation is not new in Microsoft systems, but now it has gained another weight in Windows 11. Until now, these seconds data on the Windows clock were not presented and Microsoft pointed as reason the 4MB of RAM that was the system limit.

There are no seconds on this system clock

With this imposition, it was natural that all resources were controlled and limited. Even so, it was possible to activate this element with a simple change in the registry editor, bringing more information to the taskbar of Windows 10 and previous versions.

Windows 11 Seconds Clock Microsoft Features

That option has now disappeared and it is no longer possible to have the seconds on the clock in Windows 11. The well-known option of the registry editor disappeared and Microsoft ended up explaining the reason. Again it's in the resources and the way they are used.

Microsoft points to resource management

From what is revealed by Microsoft, having to renew the interface every second turns out to be a way of wasting resources. Also, anything that changes within a minute prevents Windows 11 from putting the CPU into power-saving mode.

Thus, and not being an essential activity, Microsoft simply discarded the presence of the seconds information in the Windows 11 clock. .

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