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Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 11, 2022
Updated 2022/01/11 at 9:09 AM

Everyone has seen a biker with their feet on the ground parking their motorcycle in reverse. In addition, the motorcycle only remains upright if the side stand is in firm contact with the ground. To make life easier for drivers, Honda presented the Custom MN4 Vultus with a new version of the Riding Assist, which promises greater vehicle stability.

The manufacturer revealed a video of the Custom MN4 Vultus in motion. Whether reversing, turning 8-shaped at low speeds or parked without a side stand, the Honda motorcycle does not fall over..

The video shows how the self-stabilization system for two-wheeled vehicles, the Riding Assist 2.0, offers balance to the bike in all situations. The system has a rear swingarm, which stabilizes the rear wheel based on the driver’s movements. Riding Assist allows the rear wheel to be tilted off the vertical center axis. In this way, the wheel can compensate for the movements performed by the person driving the vehicle.

The Japanese manufacturer did not reveal further details about the sensors used in the system, or whether the Riding Assist system is ready for series implementation on Honda models.

Riding Assist also allows the bike to ride alone

Honda’s self-stabilization system is nothing new. First introduced at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2017, the Riding Assist has been improved by the company. Compared to what was presented earlier, we can see a more robust system, which may be close to being launched on the market.

An interesting detail is that one of the company’s ideas is that the bike can follow the user independently. In the video of the first version of the system we can see a Honda NC 750 following the footsteps of a woman, as if it were a faithful pet.

As we don’t see the function in the latest video from the manufacturer, we cannot claim that the “follow mode” remains implemented in the Riding Assist project. However, even if the idea is no longer part of the company’s plans, a motorcycle that follows the driver autonomously should be the next step after the launch of a motorcycle that does not fall over.


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Source: Honda

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