Serious failure: ConectSUS issues a vaccination certificate even for those who have not been vaccinated

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 28, 2022
Updated 2022/01/28 at 11:49 AM

With flaws that prevented the issuance of vaccination certificates, the app ConnectSUS went through several instabilities in the system last year. But now the problem is more serious than before. This time, the application responsible for issuing the National Certificate of Vaccination of COVID-19 and other documents is providing vouchers for people who still did not take the vaccine, which could harm the progress of the campaign in Brazil.

In normal operation, through the “Valida QR Code” tab, users already vaccinated can issue their certificates through the app through digital codes. However, according to a test carried out by the website Know more, when generating a QR Code automatically generated by websites with random phrases, the application reads the code as if it were really the proof of vaccination, issuing a message with the word “OK” in green.

The big problem with this error is that people who have not yet been vaccinated can enter places that require proof of vaccination against COVID-19. In this way, the risk of transmission of the virus in these places can increase considerably.

Error read the QR Code of a PIX

Professor Jônatas Andrade, a resident of Rio Grande do Norte, was one of the first users to report the error, who, out of curiosity, decided to test the application by trying to read others. QR Codes.

“The discovery happened out of curiosity, when I thought about how I would validate my vaccination passport in any space where I had to present the documentation. When I saw the QR Code on the phone screen, I wanted to test it on other codes. I took the QR Code from a PIX, and it was validated. Then I tested it on a website that generates a QR Code with random phrases, and it was also validated”, revealed Jônatas.

Jonathan was not surprised by the problem, saying that the actions of the federal government in recent years, especially during the pandemic, were not serious. “What has always happened are practices that are normally open to the purest self-sabotage”, opined the professor.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health, responsible for the application has not yet commented on the error.


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Source: Know more

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