Share files and notes on Windows? Edge will help users in this process

Deepak Gupta June 1, 2022
Updated 2022/06/01 at 10:23 PM

Microsoft has been in an accelerated process of developing Edge. With the freedom of not having to create a browser, you can focus on the extras and their interconnection with Windows.

The news has grown and improved and now there is one more that arrives. Edge will soon be able to share files and notes with all the devices it’s running on, creating an even greater union.

The last few months have seen an accelerated development of Microsoft's browser. Edge received several new features and several optimizations to be able to captivate users even more, thus beating the competition.

Examples of this are the VPN that you will have built-in and even the way you want to synchronize with Chrome each time it is used. These are details, but they clearly reveal how this proposal is getting better and more functional.

Edge Windows Drop Microsoft share

The latest novelty is called Drop and will allow you to exchange files and notes between devices. For this you will use Edge, which must be running in all the places where these files are going to be delivered, as well as using the same account in all of them.

This is a novelty that Microsoft has prepared to be able to create a direct bridge between the devices and the user. In a simple, fast and very simple way it will allow you to synchronize your equipment.

Edge Windows Drop Microsoft share

For now, access to Drop is still very limited. Microsoft has this news in the Canary version and limited to a very restricted group of users of this browser, which can be used on Windows and many other platforms.

This should be another unique tool that could unbalance users' choices. With these arguments it easily becomes an option to take into account and that will certainly be adopted by all those looking for a browser that integrates in a unique way with Windows.

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