Shortly before the TV show: tears at Giovanni Zarrella

Deepak Gupta February 12, 2022
Updated 2022/02/12 at 1:07 PM

The third edition of the live show “The Giovanni Zarrella Show” (February 12, 8:15 p.m., ZDF) is in the starting blocks. Host Giovanni Zarrella (43) tears just before the show, as he reveals with a touching selfie on Instagram.

“They are tears of joy and gratitude,” reveals Zarrella, whose watery eyes are clearly visible in the photo. “I want to share this moment with you. Because I want to be transparent with you. Because you’ve been with me for years. 21 years together,” he explains to his fans. “I’ve been sitting here all morning listening to the songs I get to sing on the show tonight. […] And of course I also think of moments in the past, of years when what is happening again tonight was unthinkably far away.

Giovanni Zarrella thanks supporters

He is grateful “that there are people who trust me and put such a big task in their hands. For the fact that even in moments of desperation and failure, a part of me kept believing in me.” At the end, he sent a message to his community: “Believe in yourself. Believe the part of you that feeds you positively! No matter what people say. […] No matter how far away a goal sometimes seems or how crazy an idea sounds. Hold on to what is important to you. Hold on to what you love.”

According to the broadcaster, “The Giovanni Zarrella Show” from Halle an der Saale will be “dedicated to love in all its facets”. Veterans Howard Carpendale (76), Vicky Leandros (69), Matthias Reim (64) and Nino de Angelo (58) have confirmed for the ZDF program. Other hits are Francine Jordi (44), DJ Ötzi (51) and Sonia Liebing (32). The pop stars Wincent Weiss (29) and Lea (29) are also there. Also guests are “Bergdoktor” star Mark Keller (56) and the ensemble of the musical “Aladdin”.


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