Signal has 7 key advantages over WhatsApp

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 12, 2022
Updated 2022/01/12 at 4:08 PM

the Signal app has gained more and more users in the past few months. Many are looking for a WhatsApp alternative after the controversial data protection regulations. In fact, the blue one is not only an alternative, it also offers some functions that WhatsApp does not offer.

Signal facts
– Signal is a non-profit foundation
– In 2018, WhatsApp founder Brian Acton donated $ 50 million to Signal
– Signal is available as an app for Android and iOS
– Signal is available as a desktop version for Windows, macOS and Linux

Signal app: Check out these features

Not many users like the fact that the controversial Facebook group is behind the popular WhatsApp messenger. Many are therefore looking for a WhatsApp alternative that promises more security. One of them is Signal, an app that is supported by WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton, of all people, because it places great emphasis on data protection.

So that you can use the full security potential of the Signal app, you have to use some easy tips and tricks that are not available in the form of WhatsApp.

1. Pixelate faces

When sending a picture, you can add pixelation to the Signal app and thus pixelate selected faces or objects before you send the picture to your contact. To do this, tap on the pixelation symbol and then on “Blur faces” at the bottom. Now faces should be automatically pixelated. If you want to blur something else, you can simply run your finger over the relevant area.

Look out for this symbol:

2. Add reactions to messages

This function is particularly useful in groups. If someone wrote something funny, you can simply respond to this message directly. Long press the message and you can choose which emoji you want to use for your reaction. It will appear at the bottom right.

3. Write a note to yourself

In the signal chat “Note to me” you can write messages to yourself and, for example, send exciting articles there, write difficult messages to a friend or just make a to-do list.

4. Activate and deactivate “Tapping”

On WhatsApp, a person can see that you are typing a message if they are online with you at the same time. If you are undecided with an answer and think back and forth, this can sometimes be interpreted as tapping, stopping, tapping, stopping. That can’t happen to you with Signal. Here you can set that nobody sees you when you type. Proceed as follows to deactivate:

  1. Open Signal.
  2. In the top right, tap the three dots.
  3. Select “Settings” and then “Privacy”.
  4. Deactivate the “Typing Indicator”.

Note: If you deactivate the function, you will not see that another person is typing either.

5. Restriction of image viewing

The security of your pictures is obviously particularly important to the Signal app. In this way you can limit how often your sent images can be viewed by the recipient before they are automatically deleted. WhatsApp is apparently planning to introduce self-erasing images.

6. No screenshots

The WhatsApp alternative with so-called “Screen Security” ensures even more security. This function is important if you want to make sure that the person you are talking to cannot take a screenshot. It blocks apps that are trying to gain insight.

Please note here, however, that the signal chat history can still be photographed with another device and you are therefore not necessarily completely safe.

7. Additional lock

The Signal app offers the so-called “Registration Lock”, which protects your messenger account with an additional PIN number. This is not only requested every time you use it, but also when you set up your account on a new device. This function is particularly advisable if you have not set up such a separate lock in the settings of your mobile phone.

Conclusion on the tips for the Signal app

If you use the tips and tricks relating to the Signal app, the messenger can be particularly secure and practical. So if you attach great importance to data protection, the service could be a successful WhatsApp alternative for you. For numerous experts, Signal is the most secure messenger.

Source: own research

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