Signal: New function makes Messenger even more flexible

Deepak Gupta February 8, 2022
Updated 2022/02/08 at 1:23 PM

When Meta, then still Facebook, changed the terms and conditions for WhatsApp not too long ago, it caused a storm of indignation. In terms of data protection, there were major concerns about how the company wanted to handle the users’ personal data in the future. The result was a migration of millions of users to alternative messengers, including signal. More and more people are still switching to the app, for which a new and certainly very useful function has now been released.

Signal: New phone number? No problem!

Signal already has plenty of opportunities for sharing with friends and acquaintances. Seven of them even have important advantages over Whatsapp. In the course of time, further innovations were added, which further rounded off the overall picture.

As Gadgets Now reports, they are joined by another novelty: it is now possible to change your phone number without losing chat histories, message groups and profile information. As soon as you connect a new number to the app yourself, other conversation partners receive a notification about it. In the latest versions of Signal, this option is available for both Android and iOS.

New number at Signal: How it works

  1. Open Signal and press your profile picture.
  2. Go to “Account”.
  3. Then press “Change phone number.” At this point, Signal will warn you that the process cannot be undone. You must also be able to receive SMS or calls on your new number.
  4. Press “Continue”.
  5. Now you have to enter your old and your new phone number.
  6. Press “Continue” again and confirm that your entries are correct.
  7. Then follow the instructions shown to finally link Signal to your new number.

Not that complicated! So nothing stands in the way of the exchange of messages. However, if you want to take the new phone number as an opportunity to look around for other and more secure apps, you should do so. According to security experts, you should now look at a certain messenger anyway.

Source: GadgetsNow

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