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Deepak Gupta January 15, 2022
Updated 2022/01/15 at 5:44 AM

While Sky is relatively popular, it also makes sense in some places Cancel Sky to want. You have various options for termination, and Sky will try to keep you as a customer.

Cancel Sky: These are the deadlines

As with almost all subscriptions, Sky also has a notice period. But this is a bit more complicated. If you have a subscription before on July 1, 2020, a notice period of two months applies. All subscriptions that after 1 July 2020 have one month’s notice to terminate Sky.

Quick termination: your options

If you want to cancel Sky, there are several ways to do this. On the one hand online by e-mail, in the customer center, with a written cancellation or via an external provider. In any case, make sure to write “as soon as possible” in the notice of termination.

1. Cancel online: This is how it works

Since October 1, 2016, contracts must also be terminable online by law. For this, however, you must also have completed your contract online and after this date.

Then you can now get rid of your Sky subscription by email or in the online customer center. Either send an e-mail with your cancellation to or cancel your contract on the Sky website via this link. You can also cancel your contract in a few minutes via external service providers such as Aboalarm, here you only have to enter your customer number. But you can also use this sample cancellation if you want to cancel your Sky subscription online:

Subject: Cancellation of my Sky subscription (Sky customer number: XYZ)

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I hereby cancel my Sky subscription as soon as possible. Please send me written confirmation of the termination by post, stating the time of termination.

Kind regards
Your name

Submission of a letter of resignation

2. Cancel your Sky subscription by post

You can also cancel your Sky subscription by post. To do this, you must write and send a written letter of resignation. At you will find a sample sheet that you only have to fill out, print and then send by post.

What happens after you quit?

If you have terminated, you must send the Sky receiver or the CI Plus module back to Sky within two weeks after the official confirmation. The adress is:

Sky Germany
22033 Hamburg

However, you do not have to bear the costs yourself. You can return all devices including the SmartCard free of charge via the provider’s returns portal. There is automatic shipment tracking here.

If you only had one SmartCard, you will have to pay for the return shipping yourself. It is best to send it by registered mail to the address above to ensure that it has arrived.

If you would like to use your Sky account again in a few years, be prepared for an additional reactivation fee of 29 euros.

Trick: Cancel Sky and hope for a savings offer

If you cancel in time, you may also be contacted by the pay TV provider with a better offer. If you threaten to terminate the contract, the provider will usually come around the corner with better conditions to keep you.

You will probably also be called by Sky after canceling your subscription and have the practical opportunity to renegotiate.

  • Note: As is usual with haggling, don’t take the first offer. Experience has shown that the closer the end of the contract, the more generous the provider becomes.

Conclusion: Cancel in good time for the best Sky offer

As you can see, there are a few options to cancel your Sky subscription. It is important that you meet the deadline. You can find out here which subscription packages Sky has and how much they cost. If you want to connect Sky to Netflix, there are also several options.

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