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Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 26, 2022
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Most people who go to bed get dressed beforehand. But what if you just completely sleeping naked are you going? This is said to have some advantages, especially for men. According to experts, it can even be recommended for hygienic reasons.

insider tip? So many people sleep naked already

In Germany, many people are already in favor of going to bed naked. In 2019, a sleep survey by YouGov and IKEA revealed their respective habits. Around 5,000 people were surveyed, 41 percent of whom said they liked to sleep naked. To the question “Is it okay to sleep ‘downstairs’?” the answer “Sure thing!” was at least correspondingly common.

It was mainly men (49 percent) who advocated such a feeling of sleep. After all, 33 percent of the women also agreed. But the decision to go nudist in bed also depends on age. Apparently, the willingness to do so decreases the older a person is. Almost 50 percent of respondents between the ages of 18 and 24 said they were willing. From the age of 65, only around a third agreed.

Be sure to sleep naked – it has 3 major benefits

Of course, it is important that nobody should necessarily sleep naked if he or she does not feel comfortable doing so. Even those who freeze or refuse it for other reasons will not suffer any disadvantages. However, what experts suggest is this Try it out, for example to prevent specific diseases.

Accordingly, there is a lot to be said for going to bed in what is known as a “birthday suit”. For example, many people find this very comfortable or have the feeling sleep better to be able to

Apart from the subjectively better sleep sensation and the Temperature control, but there are three other advantages that you can gain from sleeping naked. And also from a health point of view.

#1 Improving Sperm Quality

Men who value their fertility should at least consider sleeping naked. dr According to Navya Mysore, a reproductive health expert, cooler temperatures can have a positive impact on sperm quality and motility.

#2 More intimacy

For the health of the partnership, it can also be beneficial to omit clothing. However, this is not about sexual, but simple skin contact, which, among other things, leads to stress reduction. This happens because the “cuddle hormone” oxytocin is released in the process. It is one of the happiness hormones and triggers positive feelings. At the same time, it reduces the formation of the stress hormone cortisol. As a result, both partners come to more peace together.

#3 Mitigating Fungal Diseases

As unappetizing as it sounds, sleep also has the potential to promote yeast infections. This is because of the closed, dark, and cramped environment in which they thrive. For men and women, for example, this can lead to such diseases in the genital area. Mysore therefore advises adequate air supply. Sleeping naked “is worth trying,” she told LifeHacker.

A related, generally positive effect: less body odor. If nothing of your own body gets stuck in clothing, you probably wake up a little fresher in the morning, as sleep researcher Dr. Hans Günter Weeß knows:

When you sleep in pajamas, bodily fluids such as sweat stay on the skin longer and collect in the skin folds.

dr Hans Günter Weeß, sleep researcher

Also worthwhile: sleeping naked for more self-confidence

In addition to the positive effects on your body, falling asleep uncovered can even do something for your psyche, as Weeß further explains:

Sleeping naked makes you feel sexy.

dr Hans Günter Weeß, sleep researcher

If you feel comfortable in your own skin, it gives you more self-confidence and a generally better feeling towards yourself.

Caution: sleeping naked, yes – but not like this

However, there are a few disadvantages to not wearing clothes. If, for example, fans, air conditioning, etc. are used in hot weather, this can lead to a unwanted hypothermia to lead.

As Professor Thomas Penzel, scientific director of the Interdisciplinary Sleep Medicine Center at the Charité in Berlin, explains, the body is less protected in the REM phase. Then “the body’s reflexes to regulate body heat fail,” says the scientist.

Another disadvantage: wash bed linen more often

Anyone who goes to bed without pajamas and the like should also be aware that this should also go hand in hand with a certain level of hygiene. Because the body is not covered, sweat, dander and other body oils settle more easily and directly in the bedding and mattress.

This can ultimately lead to more house dust mites and allergies, because they feed on the human “leftovers”. A scientifically proven rule on how often you should wash bed linen can help. In the end, however, more frequent cleaning is bad for the environment.

tip: Changing your mattress can also be worthwhile for hygiene and other reasons.

More sleep tips

It is well known that getting a good night’s rest also has a positive effect on your health. How long we sleep decides in the end more precisely. Conversely, too little sleep can have corresponding effects. If you can’t change the length, try to influence the quality. At least six methods are helpful for better sleep.

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