Smart bed was developed for those who like technology even at bedtime

Deepak Gupta January 5, 2022
Updated 2022/01/05 at 10:42 PM

“THE CES 2022 it is the biggest technology fair in the world” and we will not tire of repeating. After all, at which other event of the year are companies most prepared to present their main products and hypar the tech fan community? Will say you wouldn’t be curious to sleep in a smart bed like the ones from Sleep Number 360?

Smart bed has bluetooth and charger

If you like to sleep or stay in bed, be it to see something in the Smart TV from your room or to use your electronics, the Sleep Number smart bed will help you stay much, much longer in it.

Starting for the public, the e-sleepers: the new generation of 360 Smart Bed (baptism name of smart bed) detects health problems such as insomnia and sleep apnea. In addition, to help you sleep, it can elevate your head for better breathing flow without affecting your spine position. And if you like to sleep with sound, the bed can play white noises, the white noises. For many people, this aids sleep and blocks out unwanted noise (for me it gives me a headache). The headboard structure is also designed to reduce outside sounds. The headboard lighting system helps in the circadian cycle, changing the color at night and in the morning. Not bad, huh?

And if you just like the comfort of your bed, in addition to using the bed’s elevations, there is a small table that can be used to support your bed. notebook or tablet, when used for the inner side of the bed, or as a support for plates and glasses when positioned outwards. Watching a game or that series on TV will have a security to prevent you from spilling food and drink on it.

Smart bed also for the elderly and people with mobility problems

THE Sleep Number also included features for health and wellness. In addition to sleep monitoring systems, the manufacturer sells accessories for people with mobility problems, such as the elderly, pregnant women and people with chronic illnesses or injuries (have you ever slept with a broken foot? It’s horrible).


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