Smart Downloads: YouTube tests feature that automatically downloads videos

Deepak Gupta January 15, 2022
Updated 2022/01/15 at 7:02 AM

THE YouTube released for some users the test of its new functionality, the Smart Downloads. Identical to its counterpart YouTube Music, The Smart Downloads now allows users to download up to 20 videos per week when connected to any WiFi network. So far, only the youtube app for android has the test tool.

Smart Downloads in limited trial

THE YouTube Smart Downloads, which will even download videos automatically, is only available to users of the platform in Europe. At least that’s what it appears to be, as users from no other region have commented that they’ve also received the test’s availability. As can be seen in the following images, only those who have the YouTube Premium is eligible to participate.

The operation of the tool is identical to the Smart Downloads of YouTube Music:

  1. in the app of YouTube, the user needs to go to Library and then proceed to the section downloads. in the banner of Smart Download will have the option to turn on the functionality.
  2. After turning on the Smart Downloads, The YouTube will automatically download 20 videos every week when the user is connected to WiFi. The videos were located in the section downloads in a new area called Smart Downloads.
  3. THE YouTube communicates that users with smartphones low on storage will be notified that they require additional steps to activate the Smart Downloads. However, they do not explain what these other steps are.

Source: Reproduction/9to5 Google.

New YouTube tool helps those who have a low data plan plan

For those who have a mobile phone plan with a low data limit, the tool is very useful. THE Smart Downloads will allow the user to download videos such as those in the “Watch Later” list and watch the videos while traveling or in a place without network coverage. Unfortunately, who uses iPhone you will not be able to test the tool yet.


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