SNS 24: How to have a Teleconsultation through smartphone, tablet and PC

Deepak Gupta April 10, 2022
Updated 2022/04/10 at 4:50 PM

Teleconsultation is a remote consultation, which allows interaction and information sharing, with mandatory registration in the citizen’s clinical process. It can occur in real time (synchronous) or in deferred (asynchronous).

Find out how you can access a Teleconsultation using the SNS 24 app and also your PC or tablet.

The platform used by the National Health Service (SNS) for Teleconsultations is “Live”. It is a secure video call platform, to which health professionals and users access to carry out teleconsultations in real time, on the SNS.

In primary health care, it is now possible to request a teleconsultation appointment, provided that the unit in question already uses the platform and this service model. In hospital health care, appointments and teleconsultations are always subject to the clinical evaluation of health professionals.

If your health unit provides service through the teleconsultation platformthese can be booked by the user at the respective health unit, at any time, depending on the available vacancies.

SNS 24: How to have an appointment via the Internet?

How can I access the scheduled Teleconsultation?

To access a consultation via the internet, using the SNS 24 mobile application, you must: access the application with the Digital Mobile Key or the Health User Number and in the option 'favorites' access to 'teleconsultation' click 'Confirm' and wait on that page until the 'Join' option turns green.

To have access to an appointment via the internet, it will have to be scheduled by the health unit. To do this, the user must have one of the following electronic devices: computer with camera and speakers, or mobile phone or tablet.

All consultations that your health professional considers that meet the necessary conditions to be carried out remotely can be carried out via teleconsultation, without compromising the quality of health care provision.

Conducting teleconsultations allows:

  • promote other means of citizens' access to health care
  • bring users closer to professionals at different levels of care
  • optimize resource management in the National Health Service
  • reduce the number of travel by users and caregivers, promoting sustainability and improving management of family or professional life
  • promote the empowerment of citizens in the management of their health and illness

In the case of a PC or tablet, just access on here.

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